The bullet train stunt that landed Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the hospital

In a recent interview with variety, Aaron Taylor-Johnson said he spent the night in the hospital while filming Bullet Train. Taylor-Johnson explained that he was on a keto diet for the film in order to lose significant weight, which led to problems when he injured his hand during a fight. “Because it made me skinny and lean, so I had low blood sugar,” he said. “We were in a fight scene and I was thrown across the room. And one sharp piece of the corner, where there was no padding, tore a piece out of my hand. And I literally passed out.”

He continued, “And then I came back and thought, ‘Should we go again?’ And they’re like, “No, no, no. You need stitches in the hospital.” Then I spent the night in the hospital.” However, Taylor-Johnson is pretty upbeat about the whole thing, noting that a film with David Leitch as director essentially means you’ll come out with a few scars as an actor. Not only that, Taylor-Johnson says Leitch provided all the actors with the opportunity to improvise and make creative adjustments on the go.

After a delay (through Term), it will probably be interesting for Taylor-Johnson and his co-stars to see how the project finally reaches an audience. Perhaps this justifies all the injuries and trips to the hospital.

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