The cast of “Big Time Rush” is ranked from richest to poorest

For the cast The pursuit of successCash doesn’t seem to be a problem because it has plenty of it. It’s time to take a look at the characters on the show and the stars behind them. When Nickelodeon launched its hit teen music series The pursuit of success in 2009 no one thought it would be that big. While there are cute guys out there who can sing with beautiful voices, the boy band fashion is a thing of the past. However, The pursuit of success came out and changed this game. They were the actors on the show, being a real group that toured and made original music.

The show was a success and the guys shone with their North American and European tours and received great reviews. The two ways to make money have led the show’s four protagonists, Logan, Carlos, Kendall, and James, to great success. So how much are they actually worth? Boys from The pursuit of success have had great success since the show ended and their bank accounts seem to match. Here is their net worth and how they got it.

6 Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight is worth $ 12 million

Kendall grew up in a small town in Kansas, and at ten he moved to California with his entire family. Before fans recognized him as Kendall Knight, he appeared in small roles on shows such as Ambulance, No Trace, Phil from the Future, Gilmore Girls, and Fraser… Kendall went on to work in Hollywood, getting recurring roles in General Hospital, Raising Daddy, Titus, Gilmore Girls, and Crime scene: Miami. His resume was quite long by the time it was handed over to Nickelodeon. The pursuit of success… Even after Kendall announced that he would be making music as a solo artist in 2013, his star shone no less. It’s worth a steep $ 12 million today.

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5 Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell is worth $ 10 million

Logan Henderson is more than just a pretty face. This quadruple threat can sing, play, dance and rap. He played the adorable Logan Mitchell and was a member of BTR until they took a hiatus in 2013. Born in 1989, the same year as Taylor Swift, Logan is a Texas boy at heart. He moved to sunny California to pursue his acting and musical dreams. Logan participated in the BTR show and the group performed nationwide. Logan stayed close to his bandmates BTR and recorded solo music. He also made money from appearances in episodes of the television series. Brain Surge, Nick News, How to Rock, Figure It Out, and Marvin Marvin… Logan is worth a whopping $ 10 million today. Fans suspect their numbers will only grow.

4 Carlos PenaVega as Carlos Garcia is worth $ 8 million

Carlos Pena Jr., also known as Carlos PenaVega, is another talented member of the APC crew. He played sometimes silly, but always sweet Carlos Garcia. Like Logan, Carlos could sing, write music, dance, act, and rap. He’s also a pretty stellar director. Carlos was born in Columbia, Missouri and his family moved to Florida, where he grew up. His singing and acting talents have appeared in leading roles in local school musicals.

He had a number of small guest starring roles until 2009 when he became 1/4 of the BTR boys. He’s also a good voice actor, bringing his skills to the hit animated series. Casagrandes… Later, Carlos met his equally successful and very famous wife, Alex Vega. Fans may remember her from the popular film of the early 2000s. Spy Kids… The unorthodox couple changed their last name to PenaVega when they got married. In total, their fortune is estimated at $ 8 million.

3 James Maslow as James Diamond worth $ 6 million

James Maslow, who plays James Diamond, is a bit of a city dweller who was born in the Big Apple of New York. He grew up in La Jolla, California, where he developed his singing skills at an early age. While he was only in first grade, James’s singing gift earned him a place in the San Diego Children’s Choir, and he even sang at the San Diego Opera. This actor has a set of lungs. He followed his desire to study music and even graduated from high school with a degree in musical theater.

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James’s dedication and perseverance paid off in 2009 when he completed The pursuit of success families joining the show. James toured with the band and quickly became a teen heartthrob. His kind eyes and inviting smile have made him a staple of BTR. He even appeared on the hit TV series Ah Carly… The actor expanded his repertoire by adding dance to one of his many skills. He acted as evidence in the 2014 version. Dancing with the Stars… James is currently worth a stellar $ 6 million and that’s just up.

2 Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright made $ 3 million

Disney fans might recognize her as Jackie from School Musical 2but one of her most iconic roles is Gustavo’s level-headed mate who looks after the boys, Kelly. After her stay in The pursuit of success concluded that she continued to act, getting roles in films such as Confession of the prodigal son, and even in videos for the YouTube channel Wong Fu Productions. When she’s not filming, she can mostly be found on the Internet. The actress’s fortune is $ 3 million.

one Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight made $ 2 million

The young actress became famous for her role as Katie Knight in The pursuit of success and a dramedy about Fox growing up Red Ribbon Society… However, her character in Cherry this is her biggest role yet. In the film, she is the love interest of the famous actor Tom Holland.… Highly acclaimed and applauded for her role on the Nickelodeon TV series, Bravo is extremely popular around the world. Her performance earned her young actress a nomination for Best Performance in a Television Series. Recently, she has achieved more prominence in the teenage drama. Red Ribbon Society… Bravo is now 24 years old and has a fortune of $ 2 million.

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