The cast of Little Giants has grown. This is how they look today.

Many films made to entertain children these days are based on franchises. Franchises like MCU are geared towards kids and their parents, which could increase the box office.

In the 90s, baby offerings weren’t always franchised, so youngsters got movies like Sandbox and Little giants… We’ve got loads of great 90s kids movies to recommend and we’ve already seen that Wasteland the boys look like they do now, but it’s time to check out the cast Little giants

Let’s take a look at the cast Little giants and see what they look like today.

10 Sam Horrigan – Spike

Spike was a talented player who was about to lead the Giants to the Promised Land in the film, but soon enough moved on to the Cowboys and became a brilliant antagonist. Sam Horrigan played this character perfectly, and he went on to play other villainous characters like Val in DCOM. Edge


9 Todd Bosley – Jake Berman

Jake Berman could have several illnesses, and yes, he needed to be wrapped in bubble wrap, but he had the heart of a warrior. Todd Bosley played a character in the film and has played consistently ever since. Most recently, he voiced the newest Mass Effect release.

eight Ricky Collins – Briggs

Briggs was a member of the Cowboys crew who was a thorn in the Giants’ side throughout the movie, but he wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the other kids. Ricky Collins would continue voice acting careernotably as Tucker Foley in Danny Phantom series, and how Vince’s Break franchise.

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7 DeJuan Guy – Hoyt

Hoyt was a much smaller character in the film, and overall he wasn’t given much. However, being in Little giants became an excellent stepping stone for DeJuan Guy. Since then, the actor shut up, and after a long hiatus in business, he returned. His last acting success came last year in Dirty Cops Los Angeles

6 Marcus Toji – Marcus

Marcus was a hilarious character who had a few moments to shine. Little giantsand he was the clutch kicker when the team needed him the most. Markus Touji has remained in the entertainment industry for many years, doing everything from Disney Channel work to voice acting.

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5 Alexa Vega – Priscilla O’Shea

Alexa Vega is arguably the biggest star to come out of the young roster Little giantsand most people have been familiar with her work since the film first appeared in the 1990s. Of course, in the role of Priscilla she did not have much work, but thanks to projects such as Spy Kids and Sin City: A Woman to Kill For, she has earned legions of fans.

4 Daniel Pritchett – Red Ted

Red Ted had a heart of gold in the film and one of the coolest nicknames in the entire Giants squad. Daniel Pritchett was the young actor who played this character, and although he only played a few years after Little giants, he will remain a magician in the entertainment industry. Now he performs under the pseudonym Dream Upright.

3 Joey Simmrin – Sean Murphy

Joey Simmrin from Little Giants

Murphy was one of the main antagonists Little giantsand he was a ruthless bully who wanted nothing more than to humiliate his weaker opponents. Joey Simmrin, like Sam Horrigan, played a bully on several projects, including getting back to Horrigan to play bully together in Edge… Simmrin left acting in the 2000s and has yet to return.

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2 Shauna Waldron – Becky “Refrigerator” O’Shea

Becky O’Shea was the best footballer in the movie, and she decided to prove it after she was kicked out of Cowboys. Shauna Waldron played Icebox in the movie and she was fantastic as the tough O’Shea. Waldron had a steady acting career after Little giantsand it included 21 episodes on Ladies’ man

one Devon Sawa – Junior Floyd

The younger Floyd stole the hearts and dots in the film, and he gave the Giants the momentum they needed to defeat the Cowboys. Former teen heartthrob Devon Sawa used his film time to support a successful 90s campaign. He recently marked Chuckywhich was a huge success.

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