The cast of “Yellowstone” in the rankings of net worth

Although Taylor Sheridan and John Linson have created masterpieces in the past, it is unlikely that they could have predicted that Yellowstone will cause so many waves. Since its premiere in 2018, the series has remained at the top, keeping fans from the right amount of mischief, drama and gripping stories.

The show follows the criminal life of a patriarchal leader who owns the largest adjoining ranch in the United States. In addition to the series doing exceptionally well, some of its actors are also Oscar and Emmy winners, and as expected, they are probably well paid and made tons of money from their careers. Here are some of the richest actors from Yellowstone

eight Kevin Costner – $ 250 million

Veteran actor, multi-award winning Kevin Costner has helped transform the film industry as a whole. He began his art career back in 1974 and has been considered an actor, director and musician ever since. Besides Yellowstone, he starred in several more films, including the classic Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and For the love of art… Costner has worked in the industry for over four decades, and while there have been a few critics who nearly went bankrupt, it was mostly worth it as the star currently has net worth $ 250 million.

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7 Jill Birmingham – $ 9 million

Sometimes in the film industry, a career doesn’t start with the first appearance, and that was the case with Gil Birmingham as he didn’t have a big hiatus until 2008 when he landed a recurring film role. dust Saga like Billy Black. Since then, most of his other appearances have gone with a fat check, which, as expected, only made him richer. Birmingham is now ranked as worth $ 9 million

6 Cole Hauser – $ 7 million

American actor Cole Hauser seems to be in the big leagues right now, a far cry from his first appearance as Dr. Glidden. Stand 2: Cover, 1992… The following year, the 46-year-old dived into the world of television and became a sensation again. He spent the next couple of decades in both film and television, making several popular films in his name. Besides the film, Hauser also got a voiceover role in a video game. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Meat Bay. Today, Hauser’s fortune is estimated at $ 7 million.

5 Kelly Reilly – $ 5 million

English actress Kelly Reilly is no stranger to fame and fortune. The 44-year-old has been in the spotlight of British moviegoers since the late 90s. She made her film debut as Nimn. Maybe baby; after that it was just a bunch of projects with her name on the cover. She has also played several major television roles over the course of her life, including Rose in the 2019 hit. Eli… She currently has an approximate net worth $ 5 million

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4 Forrie J. Smith – $ 6 million

In addition to being known for his prowess in creating westerns, Forrie J. Smith is also a renowned stuntman in Hollywood. His special cowboy skills have earned him several specialized roles in wild westerns. Some of his most prominent appearances were in Rambo III, 2 guns, and Hell or high water… Smith has amassed a fortune over the course of his career, and it currently stands at estimated at $ 6 million

3 Wes Bentley – $ 3 million

If you follow Hollywood closely, you can probably recognize Wes Bentley by his appearance in American beauty like Ricky Fitts. But you may not have known that while the show helped to make his name known, it also earned him a BAFTA nomination. Since then, Bentley has appeared in several other successful films and television shows, including The Hunger Games, Underworld: Awakening, and Mission: Impossible: Fallout… In the financial aspect of Bentley’s life, everything is going smoothly, as he currently has net worth $ 3 million

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2 Kelsey Asbill – $ 3 million

Best known as Kelsey Esbil Chow, the star made a name for herself on television after landing a recurring role on the series. One tree’s hill. Having successfully positioned herself open to other creative people, Kelsey has landed other roles in the film industry. Some of them include The incredible spiderman and Summer wine. Kelsey also dabbled in music, among other things, to further showcase her talent to the world. All this did not remain without a reward, since she is now worth $ 3 million.

one Luke Grimes – $ 500,000

Grimes plays the son of Patriarch Casey Dutton. He first made his way into the film industry playing Jake in 2006. hit, All the boys love Mandy Lane… Later he got several more important roles, and then decided to test the waters in the world of television. His first television appearance was as a guest star on a TV series. Siblings… So far, Grimes has had a fairly prolific career in several popular films. In addition to the money he earned from his looks, he is also actively involved in several other lines of business, all of which have earned him approximate profits. $ 500,000 net worth

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