The Cobra Kai season 5 scene that Ralph Macchio begged to film

After an awkward performance at a charity auction hosted by Silver, Amanda loses her chances of getting a seat on the charity board and is angry at Daniel for not being able to let go of his obsession with Silver. After explosive argumentAmanda decides she can’t take it anymore and decides to leave with the kids.

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka recently appeared on the official aftershow, “Cobra Kai: Unlocked”, to discuss the entire fifth season. During the show, Macchio discussed the moment Daniel hits rock bottom when he loses his support system: his family. He admitted that the showy fight between him and Courtney Henggeler was something he had been asking for a long time. “I begged for this scene for a couple of seasons,” he explained. “I said, ‘Let’s have a knockdown, a puff, a marital dispute.’ It never fit into the story, but now it does. So I was very excited to be able to visit these places.”

According to Macchio, this was the storyline he wanted to explore because Daniel was neither the most present nor the most complex character. Taking him to his lowest point, where there was no one around to support him, added a level of dimension and complexity that Macchio craved in a character. “Truth be told, it brings different colors and layers to Daniel LaRusso, whereas in previous seasons… at times you didn’t see it all,” Macchio said. “He had to be who he was to move the story forward, and less three-dimensional at times.”

As an actor, it must have been very rewarding to explore the more complex side of a character that you thought was always there. Luckily, Macchio was able to act out this scene while the audience enjoyed a tense moment in the backdrop of a season full of expertly crafted storytelling.

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