The company believes they can easily replace the worker when he quits after refusing a raise, only to have a “dark epiphany” when everything starts to fall apart.

This is the story of an employee who was very good at his job but quiet in his behavior. This meant that he was rarely in line for a raise as he did not go in to bat himself.

When he finally worked up the courage to ask for more pay, the bosses, probably sensing his complacency, said it wasn’t possible.

So the employee decided to find a place that actually valued him. He quietly packed his things and left immediately without saying a word.

It wasn’t until they were responsible for replacing parts that higher-ups noticed that important company blueprints were also missing. And when the employee swore he didn’t have it, a colleague, a Reddit user Solo 1961had the privilege of witnessing his departure and thinks otherwise.

This employee knew what he was worth, so when his bosses refused him a raise, he simply quit.

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But he also took important company documents with him.

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This cost the company at least a few tens of thousands of dollars

Image credit: Solo 1961

We managed to get in touch with the author of the post, Solo1961, and he was kind enough to tell us more about it.

“[There were] Two company owners. There was also a plant foreman (a business of about 20 employees). A boss was a decent man. The other was arrogant and only interacted with his employees to advise them about something,” the Redditor said.

They can’t remember if the company introduced a new policy after the whole ordeal, because so much time has passed since then, but they still wonder what John did and whether they took it too far or not. no.

“If I was a business owner, I wouldn’t be happy. But these people didn’t care about their employees.

“It wasn’t long before I was injured at work and they threatened me with worker’s compensation. Did John cross the line? Personally, I don’t think he did. He deserves better treatment. The owners of the company should have taken his request for a raise more seriously and tried to do something about it. Looking back, years later through the eyes of a wiser man with more experience, John certainly did. A raise was deserved.

“The only last thing I can say is that I [also] The way they handled my worker’s compensation was retaliated against by the company years later. But that’s another story.”

People were happy to hear that the employee stood up for himself.

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