The Conners fans swear they found Three’s Easter egg at the show

The plot of the episode “Sex, Lies, and the House Hunt” is more than enough to keep us up to date on the life of the Conner clan. In the episode where Darlene is tormented by the house hunt, Becky continues her relationship with her professor. When Becky and her professor get out of the car before the other students recognize them, they are next to a restaurant called Jack’s Bistro. Some fans on Reddit couldn’t help but think that perhaps the diner was a tribute to Jack Tripper of Three’s Company and his actor, the late John Ritter. “I was wondering if I was the only one who figured it out, I immediately thought of Jack Tripper…” u/ZealousidealLog3575 published.

In the last two seasons of Three’s Company and for most of its spin-off Threesome, Jack owned a restaurant called Jack’s Bistro (via Company of the Three Wiki Fandom). The entire incident at the Conners may be coincidental, as no direct connection has ever been established between the Conners and the Company of Three. However, given that both shows are ABC sitcoms, it’s not unreasonable to think that the restaurant’s familiar-sounding sign was intentional.

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