The Coronation Street star is unrecognizable after gaudy make-up for new series serial killer role

CORONATION STREET Katherine Kelly swapped out her wavy locks for a curly wig on the set of a new drama about serial killers.

Actress Becky McDonald looked away from her cobblestone as she played the victim of the infamous Yorkshire Ripper.


Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly looked completely different in her new role.1 credit
Katherine played Becky McDonald in the ITV series.


Katherine played Becky McDonald in the ITV series.1 credit

Katherine, 42, has been transformed into Emily Jackson, the second known victim of serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, better known as the Yorkshire Ripper.

Wearing a plaid coat and knee-length white boots, Katherine was spotted on the set of the ITV drama The Long Shadow.

She was joined on set in Leeds by actress Sorcha Groundsell, who is believed to have played fellow sex worker Maria Sellars.

Together with other extras playing prostitutes, they filmed a scene in which Maria – one of the last people to see Emily alive – tells Emily to come out into the light so potential clients can get a better look at her.

Cameras showed the car pulling up on the opposite side of the road and picking up the blonde before driving away.

Later during filming, Katherine was approached by a man on foot, who startled her when he approached her from behind, and they talked for a bit before she led him into a small alley.

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In another scene, two women were standing on the side of the road when a Land Rover pulled up.

Emily Katherine, aged 42 at the time of her death, was told to speak to the driver and then got into his car.

Sutcliffe stabbed Emily 52 times in 1976 after driving about half a mile to abandoned buildings on Enfield Terrace in the Manor Industrial Estate and killing her.

David Morrissey, an actor best known for his roles as good guys and hero cops in previous dramas, will play the former assistant chief of West Yorkshire Police in the drama.

A TV insider said: “Victims and their families still blame Oldfield and many of his senior colleagues for not catching Sutcliffe sooner.

“If he had been arrested earlier, there would have been fewer attacks on women and fewer lives.

“So choosing someone who isn’t known for playing villains or villains is something of a revelation.”

Next week, David will appear onscreen as fellow cop, Police Detective Ian St. Clair, trying to solve a murder in the BBC1 series Sherwood.

“He previously played Detective Thorn in the Sky drama Thorn and Detective Mel Craig in the second BBC1 series Five Days.

Sutcliffe was found guilty of killing 13 women and attempting to kill seven more in the north of England between 1975 and 1980.

At one point, the investigation was erroneously focused on a man with a Wearside accent after a con artist led the police astray.

During the course of the investigation, Sutcliffe was interrogated and released nine times.

Oldfield never responded to the wave of criticism until his death in 1985.

The Long Shadow, currently in production with Katherine and Daniel Mays, who also play her husband Sidney, is due to air later this year or early 2023.

Katherine became a household name when she joined the cast of Coronation Street and debuted in 2006 before leaving in 2012.

During her tenure with Corrie, she played Becky McDonald, who was married to pub owner Steve.

Notable storylines for Becky included her drunken rampages, two miscarriages, and her desire to adopt a child.

After leaving Corrie, Katherine is in demand.

She has had roles in some major series including Happy Valley, Deception, Liar, and The Night Manager.

Katherine appeared on Celebrity Bake Off in April 2022.

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The actress married her husband Ryan Clark in a secret ceremony at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2013.

The couple have two children, daughters Orla and Rose.

She plays Emily Jackson in the ITV drama The Long Shadow.


She plays Emily Jackson in the ITV drama The Long Shadow.1 credit
Emily was the second known victim of the Yorkshire Ripper.


Emily was the second known victim of the Yorkshire Ripper.1 credit
Katherine has been in high demand since leaving Coronation Street.


Katherine has been in high demand since leaving Coronation Street.1 credit
She married Ryan in 2013 and they have two daughters.


She married Ryan in 2013 and they have two daughters.Credit: Getty – Contributor

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