The Crown changed Princess Diana’s dress a lot during her last outing

The producers of The Crown changed the iconic image a lot during the filming of one of the last public appearances of Princess Diana.

The Crown changed Princess Diana's dress a lot during her last outing

Hit Netflix show Crown reproduced one of the late Princess Diana’s last public appearances, but made big changes to the iconic dress.

The Princess Beloved attended the Royal Gala in June 1997, one of her last public appearances before her untimely passing, and the award-winning Netflix drama seems to have gone to great lengths to reproduce the scene. One big difference is the style of wearing the sequin dress.

The crown changes the iconic look

Elizabeth Debicki looks eerily like the late royal on the Swan Lake red carpet. The costume department has made big changes to the iconic dress.


Princess Diana wore a stunning Jacques Azagury turquoise sequin swing dress, but with new looks from the show as an Australian. dogma The actress wears a different but similar dress that the Princess of Wales wore several years ago.

Debicki wears a cut-out dress with sequins instead of a pale blue loose dress. She also wears very different jewelry, although she still has the same iconic hairstyle.

Also missing is the pearl and diamond necklace that has become synonymous with the royal look and her appearance at the event. Two decades later, the stunning Swan Lake Necklace sold for £ 10 million.

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Debicki recreates one of the late princess’s last public appearances

Princess Diana appeared in a ballet performance a few weeks before her fatal car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. The beloved princess was the patroness of the English National Ballet, which she went to see.

The fifth season of the hit Netflix show will focus on the death of Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki replace Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin as a couple. Imelda Staunton will play the final incarnation of Queen Elizabeth II, replacing Olivia Coleman.

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Fans have already expressed their delight after showing the images The Great Gatsby the actress recreates the iconic “dress of revenge” moment.

Recently, it was reported that Prince William expressed his displeasure with the drama for showing a reenactment of his mother’s controversial interview with former BBC reporter Martin Bashir for Panorama.

Earlier last year an independent investigation found that “deceitful behavior” was used to secure an interview with Diana.and both of her sons publicly despise the motives of the interviewer, in which Diana talks about the end of his marriage to Prince Charles.

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