The cruel summer star you probably didn’t recognize in my wife and kids

Before Brooklyn Sudano started playing barmaid Angela Prescott in The Cruel Summer, she had already accumulated number of existing loans under the belt including various other TV shows over the years. She even started her career as an actress in TV series, starring in the sitcom My Wife and Kids. The sitcom, which aired from 2001 to 2005, follows the daily lives of Michael Kyle (Damon Wayans) and wife Janet Marie “Jay” Kyle (Tisha Campbell-Martin) and their three children, Michael aka “Junior” ( George O. Gore II), Claire (Jazz Racole in Season 1, Jennifer Nicole Freeman in Seasons 2–5), and Cady (Parker McKenna Posey).

Sudano plays Vanessa Scott-Kyle, Junior’s girlfriend-turned-wife. Sudano appears in season 4 and portrays Vanessa in the fifth and final season, taking over the role of Meagan Good who played Vanessa in season 3. In the third season finale, the last episode where Good plays Vanessa. and Junior informs Michael and Jay that Vanessa has become pregnant and that they plan to keep the baby (a storyline that Sudano continues as season 4 begins). The young couple’s decision to leave the baby and become teen parents mirrors what happened to Michael and Jay when they got pregnant with their first child. Vanessa and Junior’s son naturally goes by the name Junior Jr.

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