The CSI star who most closely resembles her character in real life, according to Eric Schmanda

In an interview on 2014 Monte Carlo Television Festival, Eric Schmanda answered a question about the cast of ‘CSI’ and who is most like their TV character in real life. It didn’t take long before Shmanda reported that D.B. Russell, who have been recognized on the small screen, aren’t all that far from the actor tasked with bringing him to life: Good Place darling Ted Danson. “He’s just on his own. And he is so comfortable in every scene. I’m always really impressed by the way he carries himself on set and how he approaches the role,” Schmanda explained, praising Danson in his response.

D.B. Russell was a relatively late addition to the CSI roster, appearing on the show during the season 12 premiere of 73 Seconds. However, according to executive producer Don McGill, Ted Danson was a perfect fit for the film from the moment he first appeared on set. “It was almost as if he had always been here. We’re just so lucky,” McGill said. Futon Critic in a 2012 chat, noting that when he and the CSI team envisioned the character Russell, Danson topped the list of actors they wanted to cast for the role. Considering how quickly Russell became popular, it’s safe to say they were right to hire Danson to play him.

As the CSI franchise has grown and expanded, the roster of characters has grown exponentially. However, that hasn’t stopped Ted Danson’s D.B. Russell from being an outstanding player all these years later. Time will tell if he gets a chance to return to the role in the future.

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