The cutest member of the seven from The Boys according to fans

Looper fans agree that Starlight is the cutest member of The Seven. In a Looper poll, almost 30% of Looper readers chose Starlight, and it’s an obvious choice for viewers of the show. None of the other options came close to Starlight’s numbers, with A-Train coming in second with 17%, followed by Queen Maeve, Homelander, The Deep and Black Noir.

Not surprisingly, Starlight took first place in the poll. The character is the most human among the members of The Seven, and the series focuses on her struggle to stay sane in Vaught’s mad world. Fans and Starlight actress Erin Moriarty herself have expressed their hopes for the character’s future, including a life without Vought breathing down her neck.

While Looper readers sympathize with Moriarty’s Starlight, the actress has come under scrutiny from more venomous The Boys fans. Even though the entire series pokes fun at internet trolls and venomous masculinity, that hasn’t stopped some fans from attacking Moriarty because of her character. The actress recently posted on her page Instagram describing your situation. She wrote that The Boys’ misogynistic fans made her feel silenced, dehumanized, and paralyzed, just like her character on the show. To put it mildly, it is disappointing that Moriarty has to put up with such harassment.

Luckily, she doesn’t let the harsh negative comments get to her. “It only strengthened my empathy for anyone who comes to me: I see you, I don’t hate you, I only sympathize and forgive,” Moriarty wrote in her post.

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