The death of Queen Elizabeth: a huge sign of what may await the monarchy

The plan for what would happen on the day that Queen Elizabeth II passed away, handing over her crown to her heir, Charles, was clearly laid out years before her death.

Operation London Bridge, an arrangement directly linked to her death, and Operation Spring Tide, a plan to facilitate the rise of King Charles, considered every possible step in great detail.

But just a few days after the peaceful death at Balmoral of Britain’s longest-serving monarch, and with the new and mourning Charles III taking over in his new role, the national mood underwent a subtle but significant shift beyond control. whatever. A royal institute could be created.

Charles, who regularly yearned for bottom of popularity pollsstill somewhat tainted by the toxic breakup of his marriage to Princess Diana amid his affair with Camilla, was adopted by his orphaned nation.

“He will definitely (become a good king),” Heather, 69, from Berkshire, told in a flower garden near Buckingham Palace in London.

“He’s been waiting years, preparing for this, and he’s going to be great.”

Meanwhile, Charles’ emotional inaugural speech as king on Friday struck a chord with Holly, 37, from London.

“His speech last night was great, I think it was perfect. He had a lot of practice, he had a lot of training, it’s just sad that he’s mourning his mom and he has such a big job,” she said.

Grace, 18, from Leicester, echoed the comments of many people interviewed by who noted that he had the best example of how to run a country.

“He knows what his mother did and will follow in her footsteps,” she said.

“I think she was a very good example for him, so he had time to learn from her.”

“He’s definitely, definitely going to be a good king – I think he’s great,” added Berkshire’s 73-year-old Steve.

The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the new king came just four months after he was ranked 7th in the rankings. YouGov Poll on Popularity of Royalshaving received a rather boring rating of only 42%.

(The Queen, of course, took first place with a score of 75%).

So when exactly did this turning point come for Charles?

It takes a hard-hearted man not to feel compassion and sympathy for him during his recent, heartbroken appearance at Buckingham Palace, where he greeted other mourners.

The immobile British upper lip, longtime favorite of the royal family, is gone, and in its place is a man desperately saddened by the loss of his mother and grateful for the support of those who loved her.

Another turning point may have come in his perfect address to the nation on Friday, where he was widely praised for his emotional tribute to his mother.

“I know her death brings great sadness to many,” he said in a pre-recorded televised address.

“And I share this sense of immense loss with all of you.”

After promising a secure future for the monarchy and extending an olive branch to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he offered his most vulnerable and embarrassing public moment.

“And to my dear mom, as you embark on your last great journey to join my dear late dad, I just want to say this: thank you,” he said.

“Thank you for your love and dedication to our family and the family of nations that you have served so diligently all these years. May the “flights of angels sing you to your rest.”

It has been predicted for decades that the last remaining ties to the monarchy would die with Queen Elizabeth II, and that Charles’ reign would signal the beginning of the end.

Emotions are still strong and many are struggling to come to terms with their loss, but it can still happen when the dust settles.

But for now, at least? It seems to be “God Save the King”.

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