The devastating d*ath of Wilko Johnson from Game of Thrones

Wilko Johnson initially claimed prominence in the 1970s as part of the pioneering British music group Dr. feelgood. As a pub rock/rhythm and blues band, Johnson helped develop a unique style that favored fingerplay over the use of a conventional pick, and Dr. Feelgood’s live album Stupidity went to number one in the UK. music charts. According to IMDbJohnson has appeared as himself 15 times in various forms of entertainment, contributed his talents to three soundtracks, and had only one acting credit, Game of Thrones’ infamous ex*cutioner Ilyn Payne.


Often acting at the behest of Cersei (Lena Headey), Payne looms large in the background, though he doesn’t speak a single line of dialogue in the four episodes he appears in, although not without reason. talking to NME In 2016, Johnson said of his seminal role, “This was the first time I’ve played a part, but all I had to do was look at people. Payne had his tongue cut out, so I just had to look at people with threats and swing my sword from time to time.” Despite his silent role, Johnson made a strong impression on Game of Thrones, and the character of Ilyn Payne was instrumental in launching the entire series into high gear as the hand that executed Ned Stark (Sean Bean). Quite an interesting role for a person who became famous as a musician, and the world has probably lost a talented and multifaceted personality.

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