The devastating death of Jack Ging

The character of Jack Ging on The A-Team was so influential in the 80s, thanks in part to the series’ action and adventure themes and Fulbright’s death, which is notable as the series’ first at the end of the fourth season. In a 2013 interview, when asked about his character’s famous death scene in The A-Team (via CJDone), the actor humorously replied, “You know how clumsy actors are. Every actor wants to die, some of them take fifteen minutes to die. [laughs]. I must have milked mine [death scene] a little there.” Jin’s sense of humor about this scene was comically reflective given its notoriety.

Despite a four-decade film and television career, the actor was also an avid athlete in a life that reached its zenith at the University of Oklahoma, Norman in the early 1950s. Like an American football linebacker Los Angeles Times described his athletic prowess as “a fierce striker, Ging became a starting linebacker and quarterback in his sophomore year, despite being barely 5’10” tall and weighing 150 pounds.” But it was the game that brought him success in life, which led to the fact that he left the industry about 30 years before his death. According to his wife, Apache Ging, the actor died of natural causes. Hollywood Reporter), and he left five children and many generations of grandchildren.

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