The Difficult Truth About Ariana Grande’s Brother Franky’s Relationship History

Ariana Grande is one of the most successful and famous singers in the world. However, not everyone knows about her older brother Frankie. They are ten years apart and grew up together in Florida. Brothers and sisters constantly support each other on their social networks and publish photos of family gatherings. Just as Ariana married her realtor boyfriend back in May 2021, her brother is also engaged and planning a wedding.

Frankie Grande proposed to her boyfriend Hale Leon in June 2021. Since then, he seems to be incredibly happy that he found his man forever. However, this is not the first time the love life of Ariana Grande’s older brother has been in the public eye. See you my current fiancé and fellow actor Hale, Frankie had an amorous relationship with another married couple.… Let’s take a look at some of his past relationships to see how far he’s come.


Frankie Grande was in a relationship with a married couple

Before meeting the love of his life, Frankie dated a married couple, which meant that all three were in a committed relationship with each other. Grande said Us weekly“Being in a band was so difficult … you have double pleasure, double excitement … but also double disappointment, double drama.”

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However, the actor explains that the trio eventually decided to end it peacefully and that he has no grudge against the couple. He also attracted a bit of attention due to a short affair with a friend. Older brother star Zach Rance. He helped Rance realize his identity and eventually open up to the public as bisexual.

Frankie Grande helped his “Big Brother” colleague come out

At a Halloween party at Ariana’s house, they sneaked into the toilet together to kiss. This was the first time Zach had kissed another man, and he didn’t understand what that meant to him. Later, he also kissed a man at a photo shoot and decided to publicly declare himself bisexual. Zach said, “I fell in love with him as a person. Love could not be more essential. ” Although they never had a full-fledged relationship, Frankie was instrumental in Zach’s life, and they still communicate as friends today.

This is not news to fans of the show. They were extremely flirtatious in Older brother, often saying: “I love you,” kissing each other on the shoulders, playfully spanking on the bottom, etc. There is even a scene where they in bed together confess their love to each other. Frankie got to the point where he said to Zach, “I would marry you, I would definitely marry you.” Zach replied, “It’s a shame I’m not gay, right?”

Zach declared himself bisexual in December 2020, while Frankie and his current love were already deeply in love.

Do Ariana Grande and her brother Frankie get along?

Frankie was born in 1983 and Ariana was born in 1993. They are half-siblings from their mother, Joan Grande, but are as close as siblings. Indeed, their love for each other is very evident. Frankie always wanted a younger brother and sister, and with the birth of Ariana, he had a sister and a best friend for life. Just as he consistently supports Ariana in her singing career, she supports him in openly expressing his sexuality.

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On the other hand, talent should be hereditary because he has pretty good acting skills and a high-profile career. He has starred and directed many successful Broadway plays. The pop star was still a child when her older brother confessed to her family as gay. But she responded perfectly to the news by saying, “Great, when will I meet your boyfriend?” Frankie explained that his sister’s quick acceptance was due to their family’s open-mindedness. He always felt that he was loved, supported and accepted for who he really is.

Frankie Grande is engaged to Hale Leon

Ariana married her realtor boyfriend in May 2021. Her brother is also engaged and plans to get married. Frankie Grande proposed to her boyfriend Hale Leon in June 2021. It was a very thoughtful and planned proposal, and of course Leon said yes!

In accordance with PeopleThe Broadway star surprised Leon by offering virtual reality at Dreamscape in Los Angeles, which turned out to be one of the couple’s first dates. This included close friends, family, and virtual fireworks. Frankie surprised his lover by telling him that they would meet up with friends to celebrate his fourth sobriety anniversary a few days earlier. Grande told People, “It was such a wonderful, wonderful moment. Hale was completely surprised and we both began to cry with tears of joy. I’ve been working on proposing him in virtual reality for over a year and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking for both of us. “

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