The Disappointing 60 Minute Experience That Made Chuck Lewis Quit

According to Lewis’ book 935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity, through Politico, he left 60 Minutes after a negative experience in the “Foreign Agent” segment. Lewis explained that the investigation was directed at former US officials using their position to provide investment banking services to foreign entities. “My latest 60 Minutes segment, “Foreign Agent,” featured prominent former U.S. officials and bipartisan campaign aides who cashed in on their political connections by working as lobbyists or investment bankers for foreign entities,” Lewis explained. in his book. This eventually led him to discover ties to the investment firm Blackstone and its CEO, Pete Peterson.

Lewis said Peterson was close friends with Don Hewitt, the man who started 60 Minutes and Lewis’s boss. Lewis seemed to imply that he was then essentially intimidated into removing Peterson’s name and replacing it with that of another Blackstone executive so that Hewitt’s relationship with Peterson would not be compromised. Lewis viewed this as a moral delusion and manipulation of the truth, something he had encountered all too often in his journalism career. This ended up being the final straw, and he resigned the morning after Foreign Agent aired.

In his book, Lewis also said that he then re-released the full version of “Foreign Agent” after leaving “60 Minutes” with his nonprofit Center for Public Integrity.

He is now a retired journalism professor (via American University).

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