The Doggy School Bus takes kids out for a day of outdoor play dates.

School is in session. Pupils are excited and a little nervous. How will the day be? Who will they get to play with? What’s coming for lunch? Will they get a big juicy bone or wet food? Oh, this isn’t a regular school I’m talking about. It’s a place where dogs come to stay while their owners are busy with adult activities. And to make things even better – they get picked up in the cutest ‘school bus’ ever!

This idea has been around for a long time in America, and as far as we’re concerned, we’re going to look at two people who have successfully made the world a little better. Before we dive in, dear readers, I’d like to encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments below, as well as upvote the story and follow the author to make their day that much better! That’s all.

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DOG DAY CARE SERVICES LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE – Puppies are picked up by the Doggy School Bus every morning and brought back in the evening after ‘school’ is done.

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When people imagine heaven or paradise, many imagine being surrounded by puppies of all shapes and sizes, wagging their tails excitedly and waiting to be petted. Some have created a paradise on earth doing just that and surround themselves with happy K9s. One such person is Arat Montoya from West Linn City, Oregon.

Arat grew up in Mexico and moved to Canberra when he was 15. “My family is a baker, and my father wanted me to be a baker,” he said. The Oregonian. “I said, ‘I’m sorry, Dad, I love dogs.'” She worked at the Dog Club of West Linn, a dog daycare service, but when the business closed, she bought a handful. Continued work with clients, boarding and dogs. – Sitting outside his house.

Art Montoya created dog daycare service Doggy School Bus Inc. in 2016, which quickly caught on with locals.

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In 2016, Aart opened a dog daycare service, called Doggie School Bus Inc. In an effort to better support his growing family. He would show up at a client’s house in the morning to pick up their children in a custom-made yellow van called the Doggy School Bus.

He would then take them to a 5-acre property he had rented from a friend. This is where the dogs spent most of the day playing and interacting with Arat and the other dogs. At 2 p.m., school would be over for the day, with the man returning the dogs to their respective owners.

A full day of dog play was then $30, but each dog was required to pass a temperament test to join the pack. The idea of ​​genius marketing took off quickly.

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He picks up the dogs and brings them to a 5-acre fenced area where they play and socialize with others. Dogs get excited whenever they see a ‘school bus’

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It only took a few weeks for the idea to catch on in his community, and the clients started coming. “I got 16 customers in two weeks. People were going bananas,” he said The OregonianRemembering this moment fondly. The demand grew so much that he had to buy new and bigger vehicles to pick up and transport the dogs.

Dogs are eager to go to ‘school’, many run out of their houses and get straight on the bus when they hear the man pulling up. In 2019, she had more than 300 clients and would have approximately 20 children to care for each day.

Arat loves what he does, managing an average of 20 dogs every day. He knows all the dogs’ names and can identify them by their bark.

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If he knew the dogs were well-behaved, he could take the number to 30. I’ve never had a problem with a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler,” he said. “But, let me tell you, I have a problem with the Chihuahua.”

According to Arat, the best part of doing it all is the companionship of the dogs and they also enjoy playing and making friends with each other. He knows all the dogs’ names and can recognize most by bark, sight unseen. “I’m the happiest man in the world doing what I’m doing,” he said.

At that time of Ararat Facebook The page has 33,000 followers and continues to serve. But he’s not the only person going viral for the idea.

Another man, Evan Ziverneman, opened a similar daycare in 2019, called EZ Dog Stay and Play.

Image credit: ezdogstayandplay

Evan Zwerneman’s dog day care went viral in March when a happy client posted a video. TikTok, showing off her golden retriever on the school bus ride home. The video sits at an impressive 16.9M views and 2.7M likes. Called day care. EZ Dog Stay and Playand is located in Austin, Texas.

He told Newsweek That every day, they have an average of 50-60 dogs in their care. Although there are other daycares and boarding services, EZ Dog Stay and Play is the only business he knows of that does “round trip care.” “In December 2021, we had 95 dogs on our waitlist to join our day care program.” Travel to Austin. “I love what I do and can’t believe my passion has turned into my career.”

Currently, they have four vans and an actual school bus with seat belts for children.

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Evan got the idea in 2019 after working as a veterinary clinic manager and deciding it was time to go into business for himself. They currently have four vans and an actual school bus, which is featured in the video. It still has all the normal school bus seats, but now has seat belts for each dog to ensure a safe and pleasant trip to what is called “Dog Farm”.

The dogs have 5 acres of land to enjoy, with someone on site full time to ensure the safety and security of the dogs. “Our dogs get to meet and interact with our Pot Belly Pig, see the horses etc. with us! It’s country life and the dogs love it,” Ivan enthused.

“In December 2021, we had 95 dogs on our waitlist to join our day care program,” she said, delighted to have a job created out of her passion for animals.

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Such services have not only been an exciting adventure and play date for children, but also a lifesaver for their owners.

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Such services have not only been an exciting adventure and playdate for the pups, but also a lifesaver for their owners, who could not stay at home to care for them. The woman who posted the viral video said that her name is Maria Bustamante. Newsweek That as a nurse, she was very grateful for the service because her dog Olive was having the time of his life.

“Now my dog ​​is not alone at home and can have fun with all his friends all day,” she said. “The best part is that I get to see him playing with the other dogs at daycare. Instagram Stories!”

“She plays with other dogs and comes home exhausted,” he explained. “I can even ask her to take a bath before she comes home or I can buy her ice cream for a little snack at daycare. It’s seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

These doggy daycare “schools” keep popping up, and we hope they don’t stop anytime soon!

Image credit: ezdogstayandplay

These doggy daycare “schools” keep popping up, and we hope they don’t stop anytime soon!

Watch the cute dog excitedly run towards the bus

@ezdogstayandplay Snatch the best dogs in all of Austin! #dogschoolbus ♬ Bassin – Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby

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