The DoorDash driver left the order in a tree because he only got a $1.50 tip

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Delivery drivers seriously deserve a ton more financial stability than they’ve been given, as well as the same respect they give their customers. With how easy food and grocery delivery is these days, you can sometimes forget that it’s a living, breathing human being fulfilling your order. Someone with hopes, dreams, and a very tangible need to pay their bills and put food on the table. Sometimes, the patience of a savior hangs by a thin thread… but is that really an excuse to screw up your work and paying clients? Is that really an excuse to swear at someone who just wants their breakfast?

A viral TikTok video Very, Very Wrong About Delivery sparked a great debate about delivery man behavior and tipping culture. Tipping is a hotly debated topic, especially in the United States (while the rest of the world looks on, slightly bemused). On the one hand, you have people who believe that customers have a duty to tip, and tip well. On the other hand, you have people who believe that paying a large portion of a worker’s wages shouldn’t fall on their shoulders — companies have to do it themselves.

Scroll down to see what happened during the customer’s time. Aaron, aka @i.aaron, ordered some breakfast from Chick-fil-A through DoorDash and was told his order had been left in a tree. We really want to hear what you think about this, pandas, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. Aaron was reached out via Instagram, and we’ll update the article as soon as we hear back from him!

When you order something to eat, you don’t expect it to be left in a tree. That’s exactly what happened to TikToker Aaron who just wanted some snacks.

She shared the angry messages a DoorDash delivery driver sent her over the size of the tip she left.

Image credit: I am Aaron

Image credit: I am Aaron

Image credit: I am Aaron

Image credit: I am Aaron

Here’s Aaron’s viral video, in full

@i.aaron #Green Screen @DoorDash GET YA BOY!! Hope he is having a better day now. #doordash #Nashville #doordashdriver #ubeereats #chuckfela #Breakfast ♬ Original Sound – a2

Meanwhile, some people said they support the food delivery driver.

The TikToker made a video to respond to these comments

@i.aaron Replying to @dav9800 ♬ Original Sound – a2

The topic divided TikTok. Some customers were completely in Aaron’s corner, horrified by the way he was treated. Meanwhile, others went so far as to call the savior a ‘hero’. Aaron, in fact, Made a follow up video Responding to one such comment, explaining why there’s no point in doing your job terribly if you feel frustrated with your career situation.

If I realized my order was up a tree somewhere, I’d honestly have a good laugh and tell everyone about it. But if I approach the driver, I’ll try to get their perspective: realistically, what can be done to improve their situation. Clearly this isn’t just about a tip – there’s a bigger story here, and that particular situation was just the last drop.

Aaron told Newsweek That he contacted DoorDash and received a refund for the order as well as a general response regarding his dissatisfaction with the deliverer. The customer said he’s had other bad experiences with DoorDash employees before. This causes him to reduce the points he leaves.

“I had a guy put his food at my door, take a picture, and then pick it back up to take it with him and he’s gone. He didn’t get a refund,” she told Newsweek. shared Aaron noted that he is “very supportive of workers’ rights.”

However, he was surprised by the savior’s attitude and the expectation that large proposals were almost mandatory. “I literally tipped one of DoorDash’s ‘recommended’ tips and from this comment section, if I’m not tipping at least $10, I deserve what happened. It’s just hilarious. “

We’ve covered the situation with minimum wage and tipping in the US before on BoardPanda. In short, what you get paid depends on the state you live in and the company you work for. Statista reports. Minimum wages can vary greatly.

For example, while it could be $15 an hour in California in January 2022, the wage in Texas has dropped to just $7.25, and $5.15 in Wyoming and Georgia. This means that depending on your location, you as a customer may be forced to pay someone a portion of their wages through tips.

Here’s what some internet users thought about the whole situation.

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