“The easiest [$8,500] I ever did”: Revenge of professionals begins after an engineer put his job into testing mode as the business refused to pay him

It is quite normal for a business to minimize costs and maximize profits. In fact, this is how every business in the world works, and it has been that way for thousands of years.

But what’s not cool about this is the fact that some businesses use shady tactics like, “Oh, sorry, but we can’t pay you for work you almost almost did, so sorry for wasting your time, we’ll take him from here.”

Except that you won’t. Because you played your own game by hiring a smart guy who knows how to tinker with niche hardware that your engineers don’t understand.

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Businesses are interested in saving money, but cheating employees is not the best option because employees can cheat the business.

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The story goes that the production engineer for Confident Lime on Reddit worked for a manufacturing equipment company. After leaving, one of the clients somehow contacted him, and, frankly, he didn’t care that he no longer worked there. The company offered double pay for weekend work, installing one machine and repairing the other on site. Sweet deal. He took it.

So he got in there and went for it. However, he was interrupted after about 6 hours of work only to be told that the promised budget for his services would not actually be realized, so there was a “sorry” and the guy giving him the sad news said that their engineers will take over. it’s from there.

One engineer nearly fell prey to the aforementioned crap, but reminded the company that their cars would be fried without him.

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This frustrated the OP to say the least. So he decided to take revenge. But not just revenge. No, this is not an ordinary car-wrecking thing. He was smart as hell.

You see, there is a small piece of fine print that says that if this particular niche piece of equipment is partially installed by anyone other than an authorized engineer, i.e. the supplier that the OP worked for, then they cannot interfere. more, because they cannot guarantee the integrity of parts and so on.

However, they may send instructions to the buyer to install the machine themselves to save money. But said instructions are a confusing mess, so it’s best to just do it through the appropriate channels.

The OP was told he wouldn’t get paid so he made the car unusable without breaking it but rather soft lock it is in a sense

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Since the OP was halfway through the process, there was no way for authorized people to intervene, so it was up to the client’s engineers. And the trick here was that they didn’t know about this thing called test mode.

Test mode is exactly what it sounds like – a mode used to test a machine. However, when configured, it only works in that particular mode, preventing the machine from working “correctly” as the client would like. Well, the OP did just that and left.

And, of course, the engineers came and tried to finish the job, but they couldn’t get the machine to work properly. So on Monday, OP’s phone was hot with calls, but he left them for a few days.

He allowed test mode it won’t go away until he actually makes it go away, but the company’s engineers didn’t know that

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What ultimately happened, however, was that the OP was asked to “fix it” for $8,500 (£7,000), thus winning in the end.

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When he finally picked up the phone, the boss was furious. short and screaming later back and forth the boss was forced to pay the OP on his terms – £7,000 or just over $8,500 upfront. “I have never felt such power before,” the OP said.

So, the money was credited to his account, he came the next day, spent 20 minutes turning off the test mode, packed up and left. The expressions on their faces were priceless and the moral of the story was never mess with the pros because they will mess with you even more.

People on the net enjoyed this story, wanting OP to get even more revenge there.

This, in turn, has prompted many commenters to share similar stories in the comments. This is in addition to those who said that they could make them pay more by adding a higher daily rate, and those who had violent engineering bursts of vengeance enthusiasm in parts of their bodies due to how satisfying their engineering selves were.

Needless to say, the story was a success on Reddit, garnering 12,200 votes and just over 20 Reddit awards. You can check the post and all the comments hereor take a look at our other professional, amateur or any other revenge stories here.

But, before you leave us and we have to avenge your sudden departure, we would really appreciate your comments on the story, characters, technique or anything else important in the comments section below!

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