The Easter Eggs You Missed in Clerks III

“Clerks III” refers to the failed 2000 TV show “Clerks: The Animated Seriesin his celebration of love View Askew. One of the more obvious references is the inclusion of the character Lando (played here by Smith’s podcast buddy writer Mark Bernardine) introduced in the cartoon to make up for the show’s severe lack of variety. He doesn’t have any dialogue (thanks to his very angry wife, played by Michel Buteau), but his name is omitted to let fans of the cartoon know that their old buddy Lando was hit by the official View Askew cannon.

After Dante shows up for the film’s set, Randal takes him to the fridge to fight him alone. Upon entering the premises, Dante remarks, “It’s cold in here, Hot is cold,” before Randal pushes him. This line is taken directly from the second episode of Clerks: The Animated Series, where Dante and Randal lock themselves in a freezer and reminisce about all their old adventures.

Then there’s Emma, ​​played by Smith’s real-life wife Jennifer Schwalbach. Dante’s antagonist/ex-fiancée from Clerks 2 appears at the end of the film to inform Randal that she now owns half of Quick Stop because Dante sold his share as collateral when he borrowed money from her to fund Randal’s film. When she learns that her half has now been bought by Elias, she looks at both of them and says, “Well played, clerks”, which is a catchphrase of Leonardo Leonardo, the cartoon’s villain.

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