The Easter Eggs You Missed in Harley Quinn Season 3

Harley Quinn Season 3, Episode 3 features a slew of DC’s lesser-known villains, many of which are only glimpsed in background footage. As you’d expect from the title of the awards show, Willy is releasing a lot of comic book villains. While some of the characters present are directly called out – such as Nora Freeze, Black Manta, and the Riddler – many others are left for viewers to identify on their own.

Contributors to the show include The Flash villains Captain Cold and Reverse-Flash, Wonder Woman’s enemy Cheetah, Superman’s enemy Livewire, the ridiculously dressed Calendar Man, and Dr. Trap, who is featured prominently in the episode “Harley Quinn” . Season 2. Other antagonists such as Sinestro, Solomon Grundy and KGBeast are also present. At one point, the Joker names Catwoman as the recipient of the Joe Chill Honorary Award, referring to the infamous robber who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Villies also features a short “In Memoriam” segment parodying the Oscar tradition. The slideshow features a rundown of the villains that Harley and the team have taken down throughout the series, including the Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and the Queen of Fables.

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