The employee was forced to continue working after he went into labor asking, “How is this legal?”

As if going into labor and giving birth wasn’t already enough of the challenge of a lifetime, this pregnant woman was told that when the time came, she basically had to suck it up and wait until the job was completely done. have to work.

In a post shared on the r/AntiWork community, Redditor Legitimate_Ocelot718 shared a story How she “was talking to her store manager today about protocol for what happens if I go into labor while at work.” To his surprise, the boss had his own scenario which can be termed as a multi-step process to close the retail store he is working in.

Now the woman is wondering whether such a demand of her boss is even legal. Read the full story below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below the post.

image credit: Cparks (not the original photo)

The woman recently chatted with her store manager about the protocol she works in, and this is what she was told

And people commented on this whole matter

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