The exact moment Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune knew she did it

In a 2020 interview with Mo Rocca for “CBS Sunday Morning” Vanna White was asked to recall the moment she realized she had become a household name. Turns out this moment wasn’t at a fancy Hollywood event, or even on the set of Wheel of Fortune. Rather, the realization came during the rather monotonous task of the average person.

“That was when I was in line for groceries and I was on the cover of Newsweek,” White said. “I thought, ‘Wow, I think I did it.’

Of course, not everyone considered White worthy of the cover of Newsweek. She spoke before Chicago Tribune in 1987, her annoyance at insults such as “prostitute” and “stupid blonde”. White explained, “I feel like this is unfair. I can do more than flip a letter.”

It’s right. Throughout her work on unraveling Wheel of Fortune puzzles, White has had a very positive impact on her fans. And she still is. The audience tells White that she helps them learn the alphabet and English as a second language. It also allows viewers to interact with grandparents and other loved ones as they watch the show together.

In addition, White has impressive statistics. Not only did she wear a whopping 7,000-odd dresses (via Glamor), never wearing the same item twice, but she also made it to the top Guinness Book of Records. Eager for the contestants to emerge victorious, White claps an average of 600 times per episode, earning her the title of most clapped.

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