The father listed all the reasons why he considers his one-year-old son to be gay, and the mother is speechless

You and we, we’ve been on the digital block a few times and we’re familiar with how the internet works, right dear pandas? Therefore, we tend to think that nothing else can shock us. Who shocked us? We’ve seen it all, from the best to the worst the network has to offer. However, there are some stories that take us by surprise in the most unexpectedly horrible ways, and we are stuck there wondering how this could be true.

Post goes viral again on Reddit and social media in which the mother of a one-year-old boy shares her husband’s very strange views. The man thinks his son is gay and lists many reasons, all of which are complete nonsense. These include things like enjoying flowers, spending more time with your mom than with your dad, looking at flowers, and being overly fond of books.

Funny? Certainly. Potentially detrimental to the child’s self-esteem, because he grows up with such a father at home? Probably. Scroll down to read how people reacted to the Reddit post. It’s hard to even begin to unravel this story. Dad is clearly homophobic. Moreover, he has a very distorted idea of ​​what makes a person gay. This kind of intolerant, fearful thinking is usually the result of learned behavior over many years, starting in childhood.

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One father has a very strange list of reasons why he thinks his little son might be gay.

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A therapist writing on Reddit explained in the original thread at r / relationship_advice_ that everything a 1 year old did was “Consistent with development.”

“Children are curious, altruistic and love colorful things. And at 1 year old, children are not even in their minds. They just react to what is in front of them, ”they explained, adding that it would be helpful for the dad to talk to a counselor about his concerns that his son might grow up gay.

Previously, Bored pandasA had an in-depth interview with psychotherapist Silva Neves who explained some of the reasons why someone might be homophobic. Parenting is part of this, but not of the whole story.

“If people grew up with homophobic parents and did not face different opinions, they are more likely to be homophobic themselves. Most religions promote the mistaken idea that same-sex relationships and sexual behavior are unnatural, wrong, contrary to their God and a sin, ”he said.

“More recently, the Pope said that same-sex marriage is not approved by the Church. Islam is also very homophobic. Most Islamic countries have anti-gay laws that range from imprisonment to death. Many people in the UK raised in such families are more likely to be homophobic, ”said therapist

“Teenagers can be homophobic in order to correspond to heterosexuality and be more accepted by their peers,” the expert noted. Some young people want to be part of the “crowd,” so they adopt the beliefs of their friends and acquaintances.

The therapist said that some people become homophobic because they try to deny and suppress their attraction to members of the same gender. “As homophobes, they try to suppress their own feelings by fighting against the source of their arousal: LGBT people,” he named another reason for homophobia.

This is how people reacted to their father’s story and strange behavior

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