The film pops up in the free corner of the Internet

Strike Back Studios (one of several production companies that developed The Spirit of Halloween: The Movie) released a teaser trailer for the film via an unlisted video on their official YouTube account. The surprise teaser release coincided with the opening of Spirit Halloween’s flagship store in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, where the teaser premiered for the first time to hundreds of dedicated Spirit Halloween fans who attended the store’s grand opening (via 6abc).

This short teaser certainly leans into the film’s family tone, showing our main characters battling a plethora of possessed animatronics and Halloween decorations while a light-hearted soundtrack plays in the background. We also catch a glimpse of children with flashlights as they descend into some kind of damp cave – a scene that no doubt draws comparisons to the beloved children’s adventure movie The Goonies and a host of other nostalgic films about the past.

The Spirit of Halloween: The Movie is due for release in October 2022, and this teaser makes it clear that the movie will be full of light-hearted family fun – just like the silly costumes and outlandish jewelry you find in the store. myself.

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