The films that secretly inspired Vuchowski to make The Matrix

Along with the matrix trilogy Upcoming fourth installment, A host of notable works. Every film critic and analyst knows how Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” inspired The Wachowski to create a world of his sentinels, agents, key makers and oracles. In particular, with the creation of The One, the New Testament was also a major influence. Then there are Japanese mobile phones like Akira and Ghost in Shell.. But the truth is, there are some very unknown films that influenced Wachowskis and were even cited in his films.

Less well-known works on The Matrix include literary works such as “Hard Boiled”, “Neuro Mansour”, and “The Invisibles”. Then there are classic films like Metropolis with visual and thematic references within The Matrix. But like the video essayist. Great team at Nerdist. Has uncovered more obscure works that helped revive The Matrix.

Movies that are secretive affect the science fiction elements of the Matrix.

The Matrix is ​​one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. Full of hidden meaning And messages, so it’s no surprise that Wachowskis looked to one of the greatest science fiction writers of the 20th century for inspiration. Philip Dick’s work has directly influenced numerous science fiction masterpieces such as Blade Runner and Minority Report, but it was a total recollection of the 1990s, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who really created something in Lana and Lily Wachowski. What

Both The Matrix and Total Recall are about everyday men who wake up to the ‘real world’ and discover that they are primarily human weapons. Although the Matrix is ​​full of much philosophical and religious inspiration, there is no doubt that the two films have the same story. The two films also have the concept of a simulated reality, which is probably the most striking similarity between the two films.

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Speaking of mock facts, it is undeniable that World on a Wire, a mini-series from the 1970s, also influenced the Matrix. The series was based on a novel “Simulacron-3” in which many fThe answers directly influenced the whole concept of The Matrix.. In the book and mini-series, a supercomputer hosts an artificial world that people can enter. There is a group of ‘units’ in this world who do not know that they are living in an artificial reality. Of course, a ‘unit’ ends up knowing that their reality is not exactly what it seems.

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Suits, guns, and kung fu.

Matrix movies, of course, are not about radical and thought-provoking science fiction elements. It’s also about action, romance and wearing sunglasses at night.

John Woo’s work is presented as some inspiration for The Matrix’s visual style and combat choreography. In particular, the killer of his film was particularly impressive. The film about Hitman, who retired in 1989, has all the fancy suits and gunplay of Matrix movies and even some shots that were copied by The Wachowski sisters. The most notable is in the first film when Noah and Agent Smith press their guns into each other’s temples and fall to the ground and think they are out of bullets.

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In the upper part of John Woo’s work, Jet Lee’s First of Legend (and this is, in fact, Bruce Lee’s Fist Rage) was also a great source of inspiration for The Wachowski, especially the highly choreographed Kung Fu Fight. Because of the continuity. In addition to how De Vachovsky wanted to organize his fight, he also looked at remakes and originals for his shooting style. Instead of cutting from shot to shot, The Wachowski wanted to maximize the outstanding work of battle choreographer Yoon Woo-ping (who also performed First of Legend). This means implementing wide shots that follow the process without interrupting to hide flaws. It was a style used in Chinese cinema, but Americans knew it when the first matrix came out.

Finally, you can’t talk about The Matrix without referring to its Cyber ​​Punk / Tech Near Tone and shape. Much of this was inspired by the strange days of Catherine Bugello. Of course, the future Academy Award-winning film also had a lot of sci-fi elements that could have influenced The Matrix’s story, but the film’s cyber punk form and soundtrack were certainly special to The Wachowski. The very beginning of Matric, for example, feels like it could be in the universe of Catherine Bagello’s cult film.

While there are likely to be many cinematic influences on The Matrix, these are the most notable of the lesser known works.

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Carrie Ann Moss, featured photo.
Carrie Ann Moss’s biggest role (outside the Matrix movies)

It would be a great mistake to reduce Carrie Ann Moss’ incredible career to The Matrix alone.

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