The first bachelor rose ever given by Clayton Echard is rejected

* Warning: contains spoilers *The premiere of the new season of “The Bachelor” did not start well for bachelor Clayton Echard. Not only was the first rose he offered was turned down, but by the end of the episode two of his potential suitors have already gone home.

Clayton, who enthusiastically kicked off the show by sharing his high hopes of finding a wife with the cameras, was understandably rather disappointed with the events.

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Clayton told viewers, “This is not the way I was hoping to start my journey to find love.”

Dejectedly, he confessed to the audience: “The first rose that I gave out as a Bachelor was rejected. This is not the way I was hoping to start my journey to find love. “

Still, Sally – the spine surgery robot operator who turned down the rose – was easy to sympathize with. The heartbroken member revealed that she was supposed to marry her ex-fiance this weekend, and the event made her head spin.

Unable to hide her grief, Sally with tears in her eyes decided to confess to Clayton. “This weekend was extremely difficult for me, I was engaged in the past and I was supposed to get married yesterday. Part of me pulls home, but I didn’t want to fully make that decision until I met you. “

“And you are really pretty. I’ve only heard good things about you. I feel strange here on the weekend when my wedding was. “

Then the blonde broke, saying, “I thought I was ready for something like this, and I didn’t … I don’t know if my heart is ready.”

Ever a gentleman, Clayton consoled his fan before commenting on their overall chemistry: “I really think there is something about it potentially.”

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Before Clayton rejected the rose, he stated that “chemistry definitely exists.”

Disappearing for a moment, Echard returned with a look as if he was holding something behind his back. He stated, “Truth be told, we are talking, there is definitely chemistry … It really makes me feel like there might be something special, and so I really, really want you to be here.”

“So much so that I want to prove it. So Sally, will you accept this rose? “

Surprised, Sally said that she needed time to consider her answer. Some time later, she made her decision, testifying to Clayton: “I want to accept this rose … My heart is simply not in the place where I can. And I feel so bad. My heart is just not ready. “

She then left the show, leaving a disappointed Clayton behind.

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