The first Ghostbusters proton pack weighed a staggering amount.

Talking about getting dressed again for the 2021 movie on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Dan Aykroyd mentions that they decided to wear heavy proton backpacks instead of light plastic ones. This way the actors can show that the backpacks have some weight for them to move around. Bill Murray explains that the new packages were still lighter than those used in the original film, which he calls “little refrigerators”. He goes on to say that they weighed around 40 pounds and had to wear them for 14 hours a day while filming. Murray jokes that pregnant mothers have nothing to do with those 40-pound backpacks. Seth Meyers tests Murray by saying that he won’t get any sympathy from his mothers, which causes a lot of laughter from the group.

Murray didn’t just express his dissatisfaction with the weight of the original proton blocks to Meyers. He said Vanity Fair on the backpacks from Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which weighed around 30 pounds: “When you put on this gear, it’s so uncomfortable. It’s so hard just standing with this weight on your back with your spine tilted… And we wore them for a long time.”

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