The first trailer for Park Chang Wook’s decision to leave will amaze you

trailer for “Decision to Leave” gives fans an incredible look at Park Chan Wook’s latest project.

It begins with a shot of police officers searching the woods at night. The lights emanating from their flashlights are reminiscent of flies swarming on a dead body. Detectives and first responders then stand over the corpse of a man who fell off a nearby cliff while climbing (squeamish onlookers beware: the trailer shows a gruesome image of what the crash could have looked like). The detectives meet the wife of the deceased, who, oddly enough, is not very shaken by her husband’s death. The detective and wife appear to be in love with each other, and the trailer shows a series of clips of their unique, chaotic and mind-blowing relationship.

If the trailer wasn’t enough to thrill moviegoers, TIFF Giovanna Fulvi was enthusiastic about the film, calling it an incredible love story and a fantastic noir thriller. “After his dazzling Retribution trilogy took genre film fans into a world of graphic hyper-violence and powerful dark passions, Park Chan-wook has upped the tone and style of his suspense thrillers with The Handmaid. He brought that same understated elegance to his latest seductive masterpiece and we can only be grateful.”

Other media are also praising Park Chan Wook’s latest project. Diversity linked “The Decision to Leave” with “Parasite” and “The Squid Game” calling it the next global Korean success, while IndieWire called it “the most romantic film of the year”.

The Decision to Leave opens in theaters on October 14.

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