The forgotten Mark Hamill comedy with Roger Corman is finally in theaters

Screen Media has acquired North American distributor rights for the 2013 film Virtual Heroes. In a press release (via Diversity), Screen Media shared that they are “excited to bring this lost Corman project to our audience. The film is the perfect blend of action and campy, tongue-in-cheek comedy.” The film will receive limited exposure in select theaters in December and will be available for purchase digitally before becoming available for streaming on popcornflix in February 2023.

The film’s plot was difficult to determine for many years. In an interview in 2015 Independent cinema quarterly, Hamill’s co-star Robert Baker, said of the film, “Virtual Heroes is a movie that takes place inside a video game, where my character, Sgt. Books, realizes he’s a video game character and has an existential crisis about that he’s a video game character.” It does not feel like a typical video game film and reflects Corman’s penchant for humorous quirks.

In 2013 comment on his Facebook postKorman shared that he “hasn’t looked for a distributor yet. [‘Virtually Heroes’] makes the festival first.” Unfortunately, like many indie projects, the film fell victim to not being acquired by a distributor for a number of reasons, and over the past 9 years it has disappeared from sight, from memory.

Virtual Heroes will have a limited theatrical release in December 2022.

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