The Funniest Dynamic Duets in TV History

Some of the best duets are the most unexpected, and if any two characters in TV history can claim to be complete wildcards, it’s Charlie Kelly and Frank Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In many ways, they seem completely incompatible, as Charlie is very hardworking – in the most manic way – when it comes to what he cares about. An example of this is his dedication to running the bar. Frank, on the other hand, is rather lazy and is completely willing to give up his fortune in order to live in poverty.

Lucky for us, Frank and Charlie live in poverty together. Some of the show’s best and most iconic scenes involve the strange arrangement of life in which Frank and Charlie share a bed and countless other things. Their unlikely friendship was widely praised as one of the best on the hit show, but what gives them a place on our list of the funniest fast-paced duos in TV history is their unique ability to keep fans on their toes – you never know what they’ll do next, be it a friendly game in Night Crawlers, or Frank sews himself into a sofa to spy on Charlie. As Vice once said, “There is no love purer than the love between Frank and Charlie.”

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