The Girls Next Door star says living at the Playboy mansion was so traumatic she started to stutter

Since the founding of Playboy magazine in 1953, Hugh Hefner has become the most famous publisher in the world. In fact, it has become so widely known that even now, many years have passed since then, many people want to know what is happening now with Hefner’s famous “Playboy Mansion” home.

In addition to being the man who ruled the Playboy empire for decades, Hugh Hefner also became famous for appearing at events with several beautiful women on his arm. He was always called his girlfriends and many people wanted to know who these girls were and what it was like to date Hugh Hefner. For this reason, someone came up with the idea to create a show dedicated to the ladies in Hefner’s life, Girls Next Door. Now that many years have passed since the final episode of Girls Next Door aired, some of the show’s stars feel they can be more honest about their time at the Playboy mansion. For example, one of the women who starred in Girls Next Door said that living in the mansion was so traumatic that she began to stutter.


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Holly Madison was called Hugh Hefner’s “main girlfriend,” but he married someone else

When E! The premiere of the first season of the series “Girls next door”, the world learned about Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. With all three women identified as Hugh Hefner’s friends, some people might have assumed they were all on an equal footing. However, it turned out that Hefner’s ladies had a surprisingly clear hierarchy, and Holly was labeled as his “main girlfriend.”

With Holly Madison earning the title of ‘top friend’, it’s no surprise that there has been a lot of talk over The Girls Next Door’s six seasons of being married. Ultimately, however, this will never happen and Crystal Harris – the one who walked down the aisle with Hefner… As a result, she adopted the name Crystal Hefner and inherited part of Hugh’s estate, while his son received the rest.

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Holly Madison was blunt about the reality of the Playboy mansion

During episodes of Girls Next Door, Holly Madison often felt like she really wanted to marry Hugh Hefner. As a result, when Holly moved out of the Playboy mansion and Hefner married another woman, many fans were shocked. In fact, a lot of people wanted to know what the true nature of Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison’s relationship was.

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In the end, Holly Madison decided to clear up many questions about her relationship with Hugh Hefner and make a lot of money through the process. To accomplish both of these things, Madison released her autobiography, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Talents from a Former Playboy Bunny, in 2015. In the pages of this book, Madison talked about how deeply she lives in the Playboy mansion and how the date with Hefner influenced her.

As Holly Madison writes in her book, Playboy fascinated her from an early age. As a result, when Madison got the chance to become a permanent part of life at the Playboy mansion, she jumped at the opportunity and moved quickly. Unfortunately, once Madison became a mainstay at the Playboy mansion, she quickly had to deal with the reality of everything that entailed.

While Holly Madison made sure her autobiography was much more than just intimate encounters, she was honest about this aspect of life at the Playboy mansion. Madison describes the “daily routine in the bedroom” only once in her book, but this section was very revealing. After all, Madison almost describes the experiences in which all of Hefner’s girlfriends participated as a group, in a transactional way.

It turns out Holly Madison’s many other experiences at the Playboy mansion are what really tired her out. Worst of all, in Madison’s book, she writes that she was bullied by other ladies who lived in the Playboy mansion when she first moved in. In fact, she shows that she is so worried that anything she says will cause more bullying. Madison stuttered… When she started having speech problems, Madison became even more worried about the consequences of her saying anything, so she fell silent and was mostly silent.

Unsurprisingly, the fact that Holly Madison could barely speak when she originally moved into the Playboy mansion was very traumatic for her. In fact, in the aforementioned book by Madison, she reveals that she even considered taking her own life. Fortunately, Madison’s situation improved significantly when Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson came to visit us, as they were so much more supportive. With that in mind, it’s sad to realize that there has been so much drama in the relationship between Madison, Wilconson, and Marquardt since The Girls Next Door ended.

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