The glamor life of model Pasha Blisdell as a music video by Nellie, 50 Cent and Sean Paul has died at the age of 38.

PASHA Blisdell became a style icon after starring in some of the most popular music videos. zero.

The model and dancer, who has died at age 38, has been hailed as a “video vixen” for her glamorous performances with Nellie, 50 Cent, Sean Paul and Pharrell Williams.


Pasha Blisdell with rapper 50 Cent in his popular Pimp music video
Pasha Blisdell also starred in Nelly's Hot In Herre video in 2002.


Pasha Blisdell also starred in Nelly’s Hot In Herre video in 2002.Credit: YouTube/ Nelly
The glamor model was featured as the leading video girl of the 2000s.


The glamor model was featured as the leading video girl of the 2000s.1 credit

Tributes poured in today from shocked fans who remember her lewd dance moves and laid-back style.

Vixen Memoirs, an Instagram account dedicated to the glamorous hip-hop video stars of the 2000s, saluted her memory last night.

He posted a gallery of photos from magazine shoots at the height of her fame.

And he added in the caption: “Icon, IT girl, who everyone wanted to be. Rest in peace, Pasha 1984-2022⁠”.

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One fan tweeted: “Pasha Blisdell is a legend.

“Denim vest with no shirt/bra…Kangol with wash and kit…Oh my God, we stole all of her styles from music videos.

“She was IT. RIP to the icon”

Another said, “We were just talking about the importance of Video Vixens in hip-hop.

Rest in peace, Pacha de Matas Blisdell. A true blue legend in the game.”

The Canadian-born model, sometimes referred to as Pasha de Matas, was still a teenager when she landed the lead role in one of the biggest hits of her time.

She squirms alongside Nelly in the video for his 2002 hit Hot In Herre.

The single went to number one in the US and the video is still popular with 169 million views on YouTube.

Pasha has appeared in dozens of other videos, most notably Pimp alongside rapper 50 Cent and Sean Paul’s Gimme The Light.

She was also in Tit 4 Tat by Fabolous featuring Pharrell Williams.

Recently, Pasha has been keeping a low profile, and little is known about her personal life.

But in 2011, she showed off her collection of high heels and talked about her love of clubbing in an interview with a fashion blogger.

‘Wild Ride’

Music video legend Director X, who hired her for Hot In Herre and more, shared the tragic news of her death last night.

Along with a compilation of her best on-screen moments, he wrote, “We lost a friend yesterday.

“Pasha Blisdell passed away from a brain tumor on June 4, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

“If you made videos in the 2000s or were around to watch them, you know Pasha.

“We met her while working on backgrounds on the set of Donnell Jones Where I Want to Be, and from there we incorporated her into the mix.

“It has been a wild ride ever since. I shot her in a million videos and spent the same amount of time hanging out.

“She was always sincere and cold-blooded. Never brought drama into everyday life.

“You never know the last time you talk to someone, it will be the last time you talk.”

He added, “I treasure my memories of you with love. Rest in strength, Pasha.”

Hip-hop heavyweight Busta Rhymes wrote back: “This is terrible!!! Rest Easy Queen Pasha.

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Actor Terrence Howard and rapper Pusha T responded with simple prayer emojis.

On Twitter, a friend tweeted: “I will miss your kind heart, will forever remember your gentle approach to life.”

Pasha was seen with her favorite shoe cabinet in 2011.


Pasha was seen with her favorite shoe cabinet in 2011.
Pasha in Sean Paul's hit Gimme The Light


Pasha in Sean Paul’s hit Gimme The LightCredit: YouTube/Sean Paul
Pasha (left) was known for her starring role in Nelly's blockbuster Hot In Herre.


Pasha (left) was known for her starring role in Nelly’s blockbuster Hot In Herre.Credit: Instagram/Director X
Rappers Busta Rhymes and Pusha T honor the memory of the late model and dancer


Rappers Busta Rhymes and Pusha T honor the memory of the late model and dancerCredit: YouTube/ Nelly

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