The Grease Dance Number That Was More Intense For The Cast Than You Thought

According to the cast, the elaborate dance competition sequence turned out to be much heavier than expected. During the scene, Johnny Casino and the Gamblers played classics such as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Here to Stay”, “Hound Dog” and “Born to Hand Jive” while Rydell’s teachers and administrators weeded out many couples to eventually finally find your winner. .

Perhaps the most stressful factor for the actors was the heat in the actual school gym where the scene was filmed, Didi Conn recalled. Entertainment tonight in an interview ahead of a special screening of Grease in 2020. “John [Travolta] said pain factor for numbers definitely [happened with] dance competition in the gym…” Conn said. — Oh, God, it was so hot. What were people thinking?

“It was very hot in that gym,” John Travolta recalled to ET, while Olivia Newton-John added: “But we had a lot of fun throughout the movie. went to high school like this.”

According to Smithsonian magazine, the dance competition scene was filmed for five days during the California heat wave. To make matters worse, the Los Angeles Huntington Park High School gym where this scene was filmed had no air conditioning, adding to the heat and smells around the cast and crew. “It was so, so hot, there was a slaughterhouse nearby — a slaughterhouse — and sweat mixed with the smell,” Newton-John told Smithsonian Magazine, laughing.

Grease grossed $396 million worldwide. Checkout Mojo. The film’s domestic bill of $190 million is $705.3 million in today’s inflation-adjusted dollars, placing it 28th on the list of publications. highest grossing films of all time in North America.

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