The Greatest End-of-Season Climbers in TV History

In recent years, season-ending epic cliffhangers have become much more common, making them harder and harder to beat. That doesn’t mean showrunners have stopped trying, though, and in 2021, the crime drama Yellowstone proved you can still stun viewers with a shocking series finale. Set in the wilds of Montana, Yellowstone was a breath of fresh air for viewers, a political neo-western focused on the powerful Dutton family, whose land, the Yellowstone-Dutton Ranch, is at the center of epic power. struggle between governments, business and criminals.

At the end of Season 3, conflicts with the neighboring Broken Rock Indian Reservation, treacherous crime empires, and rival politicians come to a head when an unknown party stages a daring assassination attempt on the entire Dutton family. Armed gunmen attack not only family patriarch John, but also his son Casey, daughter Beth, daughter-in-law Monica and nephew Tate.

Among the most thrilling series climaxes on this list, the Season 3 finale offered explosive action the likes of which the series had never seen before, and left the fates of several key actors undecided. However, the biggest mystery was who was behind the assassination attempts, and the answer was as surprising as the cliffhanger itself.

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