‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Producer’s Reaction to Rowe’s Reversal Against Wade, and the Show’s Relevance

Warren Littlefieldone of the executive producers The Handmaid’s Taletalks about the overturning of Roe v. Wade and how the red maid’s outfit became a symbol of the struggle for reproductive rights.

In a dystopian series based on the novel Margaret Atwoodwomen’s reproductive rights are suppressed in the totalitarian state known as the Republic of Gilead.


The series was green-lit by Hulu in early 2016, when it seemed likely that a woman was about to become President of the United States for the first time and when there was no threat to women’s rights. The series premiered in April 2017, immediately after Trump became president.

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“We’ve said many times over the years that we’d like to be less topical, but unfortunately the show was obsessively topical. And today it seems even more so.” Warren said Term on Friday evening (June 24) after the decision of the Supreme Court. “I think we all would love to be this weird, dystopian concept that no one would believe. We all wish we were a fictional graphic novel.”

Warren said that the red dress of the maid has become a symbol of the struggle for women’s rights.

“It’s a huge source of pride to see protests across the country – and protests around the world – when women put on a maid suit, a robe – a hat, and we see how it becomes a symbol of the struggle for women’s freedom and women’s rights,” he said. “But today I just feel a huge sadness, anger and frustration about who we are now in America and what it says. Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of the extreme right all over the planet. Unfortunately, I think that the United States stands above all, and with the rise of this movement, the continued restriction of the rights and freedoms of women, and in this way, unfortunately, we have separated from many other countries that are experiencing the rise of the extreme right.


Last two episodes The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 is filming right now, so Warren does not expect any last-minute changes to reflect current news.

“I suspect there won’t be because we have a pretty powerful narrative. I mean, the show reflects what we live with today,” he said.


Warren was asked if this decision influenced the production of the sixth season.

He said, “I think from day one the challenge has been to create a powerful, dramatic narrative that when Jun gets into a fight, we as the audience stand in solidarity with June and Jun gives us hope. Well, she didn’t give up, and we can’t give up. I think it’s a powerful, powerful message that despite everything Jun faces in Gilead, there is a ray of hope in her struggles and determinism. I think it’s valuable and important, we’re still relevant, and as long as Bruce and the writers feel there’s something to tell, we’ll do it.”

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