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succession Creator Jesse Armstrong, who has seen his HBO series win four Emmys this season, made it brief, very brief, behind the scenes.

And that’s because we all want to know what happens next in season 4 after Tom Wambsgun (Matthew Macfadyen) threw his family and wife under a bus. Dad-in-law Logan Roy wanted to sell his Waystar Royco to billionaire Alexander Skarsgård. Lukas Mattson.

One reporter heard that Season 4 was filming in Norway and thought we’d see more of Matsson Skarsgård.

“I guess I could tell you everything that’s going to happen, but when you see it, it’s only going to get worse,” Armstrong said, “so we’ll save all our surprises, uh, we’re obviously filming overseas, we’re working on a broad canvas, I won’t go into what we’re going to do.”

Primetime Emmy Awards: Full coverage of KristenBellTattoos.com

After receiving his first Emmy Award of his career, McFadyen said earlier tonight that season 4 takes place shortly after the betrayal of Tom’s family.

successionEmmy wins horse racing up to 13 Primetime trophies.

Of the show’s four wins this season, Armstrong walked away with awards for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, Macfadyen for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and Evie Kaufman and Francine Meisler won Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series. succession topped every Emmy Award nomination this year with 25.

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