The hilarious way Neil Patrick Harris found out about his role in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Discussing the highlights of your career with GQ, Neil Patrick Harris opens up about how a chance phone call with a friend from Los Angeles paved the way for him to star in Harold & Kumar. “A friend called me and said, ‘I’m auditioning for this movie you’re going to be in,’ and I had no idea what he was talking about,” Harris said.

The Accident Skulls star continued by telling his friend that he wasn’t in any of the films. “I said, ‘Are you serious or kidding?’ and he said, “Don’t you know you’ve been made into a movie? [It’s] like a crazy version of you. Then I panicked a little because I didn’t want to be the butt of the joke… like, who’s going to play with me?”

Eventually, Harris agreed to play himself in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle on one condition. Notably, the creatives had a back-up plan in case Harris turned down the offer to parody himself. During a conversation with New York Timesco-writer John Hurwitz revealed that Ralph Macchio aka “The Karate Kid” was their second choice.

Since then, Harris has returned to the Harold & Kumar franchise several times and hasn’t shied away from the opportunity to appreciate the opportunity. In an interview in 2011 Movie mixthe actor said he loves that the writers “take what’s real and not real at all and what could be real and just be funny and mix it all together in a smoothie.”

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