The HOA Tries To Enforce The Christmas Light Rule On This Guy Who Doesn’t Belong To The Association He’s Not With

As much as some of us love to prepare for Christmas and spend a lot of time decorating our home, not everyone can feel the excitement as we look forward to the holidays. One such case has been shared by Reddit user @Alternate_chaos5150. The person lives in a neighborhood that has a Homeowners Association (HOA). He decided to share his story because he enjoys decorating his property with Christmas lights for the holidays. However, this was not liked or appreciated by some members of the HOA.

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Many people like Christmas time because it gives them the opportunity to express their creativity through decorating.

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A Reddit user began his story by saying that this isn’t the first time he’s experienced a confrontation with the HOA, as he’s not a part of it and therefore doesn’t need to follow their rules. The narrator revealed that he had already lived in this neighborhood before the group was formed. However, this did not stop one of the members from complaining that he switched on the lights too quickly and turned on too many lights.

A Reddit user decided to share the situation he faced with a neighbor who is a member of the HOA.

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A homeowners association has been created to provide residents with the opportunity to be part of the community, assist them with various problems, and keep track of common properties. Usually, the members of the association have to follow a set of rules. In this particular case, the narrator mentions that this HOA has rules about how much light its residents can have as well as when they can put on their lights.

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The person who is not a member of the HOA was also told not to put on his Christmas lights so early and to decorate his property in accordance with HOA rules.

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Since the person is not a member of the HOA, he refused to comply with the rules of the association

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Despite the HOA being “annoyed” by her neighbor, the user said she doesn’t agree to reduce the number of her Christmas decorations because her nieces and nephews love it. Their conversation ended with him asking her to leave his property and assuring him that he had no intention of complying with their HOA rules. However, this situation led him to ask people on the Internet to share their thoughts on whether it was right for them to act this way.

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However, the situation made him think he might have gone too far, so he asked people online if he was right to make his point.

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There were a lot of people online saying that his response was valid and that he has all the rights to decorate his property as he pleases as he does not belong to this association. Some users tried to explain the member’s behavior by saying that perhaps she acted in this way because she felt she was required to follow these rules, while her neighbor had complete freedom.

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The user immediately agreed with the person, saying that these rules do not apply to him

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