The hottest summer trends of 2022 by zodiac sign

The fashion scene is already full of summer trends. A great way to indulge and use these looks is to wear them in a color that matches your zodiac sign. While they may not be your favorite color, let’s just say its elements are tied to your unique astrological DNA.

For example, Aries are warriors who wear red because it is aggressive and dominant. Whereas shades of yellow are ideal for Gemini, who is a communicative sign, as this color helps in self-expression.

Wearing your zodiac sign’s signature color is more of an enhancer than anything else. It will enhance your positive qualities and show your mood. This means that Aries can make a statement about their strength and bravado by wearing red. Gemini can think and speak clearly by adding yellow to their wardrobe.

So you can create the perfect summer outfit by finding the perfect trend for your sign by incorporating your powerful color to highlight your talent this season.


Amalfi Coast clothing is full of passion, especially in bold red prints (consider following Aries colleague Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s wedding in Italy for inspiration). Try roses, polka dots, hearts – the color of desire, which is also the color of Aries power. This will make Aries more creative and full of life on hot summer days.


Cutouts are one of the hottest summer trends right now and are in high demand in Taurus’ signature color green (one of the colors favored by Venus, the planetary ruler of the Ox). An emerald or grassy shade of green will bring exuberance, joy and decadence to the world of the earth sign, allowing Taurus to take on trendy silhouettes.


Twin stars have been known to wear the same clothes with their better half – it’s just that their better half is themselves or the less visible side of their personality. A matching two-piece set in a monochrome or print in yellow (the color that resonates most with Gemini) would be a fun and surprising look for an air sign to wear this summer.


Regency core inspired by our favorite TV shows Bridgerton as well as Excellent. Pastel floral patterns, whimsical satin fabrics, or silver threads sewn through the fabric are perfect for the tale Cancer has created for himself.


Indeed, there is nothing more regal than liquid metal clothing (such as chainmetal tops or shiny metal clothing). The golden hues that pair with the almighty lion’s fur will allow the Leo to embrace their role as the ruler and trendsetter they were born to be. In addition, the sunny shade will add strength and perseverance to the energetic image of a fearless and fiery lion.


Varsity chic is a great look for a Virgo this summer. Not only does this match with their more sophisticated clothing aesthetic without the added glamor, but it also highlights their sophisticated and intellectual side. A patched blazer, pleated cheerleader skirts, and cardigans with initials in shades of brown like beige will go with anything in a Virgo’s pristine wardrobe.


Core Barbie may be a newer trend, but Libra won’t mind dressing in shades of pink 24/7. After all, pink is one of the colors associated with their planetary ruler Venus because it adds creativity and love to their lives. Libras don’t have to dress like Barbies; however, they will want to wear hot pink as it is the hottest color this season.


Scorpio can channel their inner wild child by wearing this season’s pop-punk trend in transformative and protective black. Lace bustiers, leather shorts, sparkly platform combat shoes and studded chokers are what Scorpios are all about all year long – it just so happens to be one of the coolest and most amazing ways they can channel their attitude right now.


Since Sagittarius is one of the most honest and open signs, they prefer to wear transparent items of clothing, which is one of the main trends of this season. The archer leaves nothing to the imagination, and neither does the net. Any transparent thing in all shades of purple will give the fiery sign good luck, courage and valor when they need it most.


Coastal grandma The appearance is perfect for Capricorn, as this sign can be parent-like at any age due to their domineering nature and demeanor. For them, it will be the perfect mood to relax and reflect quietly on the beach or in the company of loved ones – especially in shades of heather that match their powerful color, that is, gray.


Aquarius loves to mix and match vintage pieces with modern looks. So a psychedelic retro print from the 1960s and 1970s in shades of their signature light blue is the perfect vibe for a water carrier that will rock all season long. Whether it’s a bikini top or shorts, Aquarius will love this look and play the role of a trendy pixie.


Netted or crocheted seafoam green knits make Pisces rely on their true free spirit nature. The sea witch will feel at home in this light and airy aesthetic as it allows them to swim in the sea, which is their home away from home. These little fishies will feel classy and stylish all season long by wearing a crochet top or dress.

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