The husband thinks his wife is crazy for skipping Christmas over her mother’s holiday tradition

We’ve long heard that when you marry someone, you take on the whole family. There’s definitely truth to this saying, because getting along with your new tribe isn’t always easy. Throw Christmas into the mix, and things are bound to reach another level of complicated. Because while the holidays should be about spending time with your loved ones and being thankful for being together, there’s always that one person who turns the special day into one big drama cocktail party.

Recently, a man Reached out AITA community for advice after calling his wife “irrational” for backing out of Christmas dinner. Turns out, her mother has a disturbing tradition where she asks the women in the family to send “samples” of her dessert and then makes them wait for it. Results To let them know if they have made it to the “food menu”. So yes, as you can see, there is a lot to unpack here.


As his wife believes that MIL is “deliberately rejecting every dessert sample she sends,” the woman finally decides to draw the line and pass up the opportunity. What happened next turned into a nasty conflict that split the family. Read on to find out how things turned out and what readers have to say about the incident. Then be sure to decide where you land on the matter and share your thoughts in the comments!

After his wife backed out of a family Christmas dinner over MIL’s surprising baking tradition, the man described her behavior as “insane and quite irrational”.

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As the situation created friction between family members, she turned to the Internet for advice.


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The husband later clarified some details and added an update on the incident.

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The majority of readers thought the user was wrong and unanimously said that he and his family should reconsider their actions.

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