The incredible way Larry David met his wife, Ashley Underwood

Although Larry David is best known for his comedic talents, he has garnered a lot of attention lately due to his “new” wife. Larry married Ashley Underwood in 2020, while his previous marriage to Lori David lasted about fourteen years (ended in 2007).

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Larry admitted that his relationship with Laurie did not end on a good note; Discussing why his net worth is lower than most fans think, David stated that his ex took almost half of his money during their divorce.


Luckily for Larry, that all changed when he met his current leading lady, tying the knot about three years after they met. This brings fans to the question: how did do they meet?

Larry David and Ashley Underwood have a big age gap

Like many other Hollywood couples, Larry and his lady have a significant age difference. David is 38 years older than his wife, which initially attracted fans who began to comment on the couple’s relationship.

This, coupled with Larry’s supposedly ultra-high fortune, made fans worried that Ashley Underwood was not who she appeared to be. But if you delve deeper into the details of their relationship and age difference, it seems that the two fit well despite fan reservations.

Is it the point? Common friends through whom they met.

Larry David’s relationship history remains largely under wraps

Not much is known about Larry David’s past relationships and even his ex-wife Laurie.

While multiple sources corroborate Larry’s claim that Laurie received nearly half of her ex-husband’s net worth as a result of the divorce, she appears to have remarried in 2012.

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Larry, however, was lonely enough for his friends to conspire to frame him. At least that’s what he guessed when he sat next to the beautiful blonde at his friend’s birthday party.

Larry David met Ashley Underwood through professional connections

When the news about Larry’s 2020 wedding was published, Inner hook dug up quotes from the comedian about his relationship with Ashley Underwood.

He explained that he met her at Sasha Baron Cohen’s birthday party as he is friends with both Sasha and his wife Isla Fischer. Larry explained the installation saying, “We were sitting next to each other, I think with that in mind,” that being two romantic relationships.

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Their friends clearly had good intuition on this matter, such as Underwood, whom Baron Cohen knew from working on his series. Who is America?seemed to be fascinated by David.

Regardless, as Larry remarked, he left before dessert because “he was doing so well, I didn’t want to risk staying too long and making a good impression.”

Larry and Ashley moved together in 2019

It is clear that Larry was not mistaken in his witty banter. or in his departure before dessert. By 2019, the happy couple moved in together, notes Inside the hookby adopting a cat and a puppy together and planning their wedding in 2020.

In the same year that the pandemic broke out, Larry, Ashley and Larry Kazzy’s daughter were quarantined together. Larry joked that at least two of the three roommates fought each other every day.

However, he seemed happy that his wife and one of his daughters (the other is Romy, less well known than Kazzy) were hanging out so often, and it looks like Larry’s girls accepted their stepmother without animosity.

Who is Ashley Underwood besides wife Larry?

Little is known about Ashley Underwood, but fans started to get curious as soon as she married their favorite comedian. Of course, fans know that she works in this industry since she worked on Sasha’s show.

Ashley has a history in Hollywood, although it seems to have begun. after she met her current hubby. Underwood’s resume includes “a producer, entrepreneur, and retired nurse.” And she has been working in this industry since about 2018, – said Legit.

Larry David Ashley Underwood Getty
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Legit also concluded that Underwood attended high school at the American University in Paris, France, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, but has no other background information.

Her biography suggests that she also attended law school, although it has not been confirmed if she pursued a legal career. And her family history doesn’t tell much either; Underwood’s mom was a housewife, and her father was a “businessman.” Law

However, for Larry, it doesn’t matter where his wife is from or what her career is. Looks like he was amazed the night they met, but wasn’t sure if he could really get the beautiful blonde to date him.

But four years later, and the two seem to be happier together than ever, suggesting that neither the age difference nor the circumstances in which they met have any effect on their ability to remain happily married.

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