The Infinity War scene that the Russo brothers are still in awe of

According to the Russo brothers, one of the most impressive scenes in Avengers: Infinity War – for them personally – was Black Panther and Captain America’s attack on Thanos’ alien army during the Battle of Wakanda. “This is one of my favorite shots in the movie,” said Joe Russo. “Seeing the scale of the army coming down the hill. Difficult sequence to film because Hulk Buster was in it.” According to Anthony Russo, the scene ultimately gave the two directors the opportunity to showcase some of the film’s most impressive costumes and CGI at one of the most important moments for both the characters and the Earth itself.

“These suits look amazing, but they are made to look amazing,” Anthony said. “I always felt great power in this scene in the sense that the last stand of the Earth will unfold in Wakanda, this country that has separated from the rest of the world and now literally holds the fate of the world in its hands. Joe agreed, telling Vanity Fair, “Yes, it was a resonant experience for filmmakers doing a scene, and even more resonant now.”

The recently announced Marvel films “Avengers: The Kahn Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars” will not include the Russo Brothers, and studio head Kevin Feige has confirmed the surprise decision. Term in July 2022. “They are not involved with this,” Feige said of the Phase 6 projects. “They were very direct about it. We love them, they love us. Sources told Deadline that one of the main reasons the Russos won’t be returning to Marvel anytime soon is that they’re scheduled to film with AGBO, the production company the brothers founded in 2016. There are currently three more projects in the queue. July 22 release of The Gray Man on Netflix.

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