The Inner World of Celebrity Sex Tapes Kim Kay and Paris Hilton Leaked After Soulja Boy’s Only Fans Photo

Nude images of rapper Soulja Boy have been leaked ahead of the release of his new documentary series – minutes after he shared a link to his OnlyFans page on social media.

But the musician is certainly not the first star to fall victim.


Nude images of Soulja Boy were leaked ahead of the release of his new documentary series – minutes after he shared a link to his Only Fans page.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Socialite Paris Hilton was 19 when her sex tape was exposed


Socialite Paris Hilton was 19 when her sex tape was exposed1 credit

In fact, a few decades ago, socialite Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian both suffered infamy after a sex tape went public.

And an obscene recording of Baywatch star Pamela Anderson went viral and swept the internet in 1995.

Here Kristen Bell Tattoos talks about how celebrities have been leaked while for some it has made them household names.


The rapper’s “leaked photos” went viral on Thursday after the rapper tweeted a link to an adult social networking site.

Soulja, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, seemed to take his time catching on to the leak, tweeting, “Most important lesson: never think it can’t happen to you.”

He added: “Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence.”

He also retweeted several users who saw nudity before joking, “Good morning baby wyd.”

One of the retweets said, “Good morning @souljaboy and @souljaboy only.”

Another read: “Came to see why @souljaboy is trending!!

Many fans joked about the explicit content, using Soulja Boy’s hit Kiss Me Through The Phone.

The Crank That star has been selling his photos on OnlyFans for $25 a month since last February.

It is unclear how the other photos were reportedly leaked to other social media sites, or if the follower of his account is at fault.

The rapper took advantage of his account’s attention during the “leak” to promote some of his songs and a documentary series called Life of Draco, which will air later this month.

The six-part documentary series will reportedly explore Soulji’s daily life, his signature hip-hop tracks, musical accomplishments, and showcase his journey during The Millennium Tour 2021.

Paris Hilton

Decades before the Soulja leak, a sex tape was released in 2003 featuring Paris Hilton and her former partner, Rick Salomon.

A pornographic video of a socialite called “1 Night in Paris” was made public in 2003. She was 19 years old when this candid video was filmed in 2001.

In 2013, Paris stated that she made no money from her infamous video.

“I never made a dollar,” she said, speaking of the scandal for the first time.

In April 2004, Salomon began distributing a sex tape through Red Light District Video, an adult film company, called “1 Night in Paris”.

The sex video was posted on a porn site in June of that year.

Salomon later filed a lawsuit against the Hilton family, accusing them of tarnishing his reputation after they suggested he took advantage of it.


Paris later filed a counterclaim and accused him of selling the recording rights to a porn company.

She also sued the company for $30 million for breach of confidentiality, illegal business practices and emotional distress before settling out of court.

In 2014, Paris said: “It was devastating because I was with this (Salomon) for several years.

“It was the most painful and terrible thing anyone could do to a little girl. I was very young.”

Paris revealed in the 2018 documentary American Meme that she “was so embarrassed” after the video was leaked. E News.

She said: “I felt that everyone on the street was laughing at me. I literally couldn’t walk down the street because I felt like every single person was watching it, seeing me naked and talking behind my back.

“It was like being raped. It seemed to me that I had lost part of my soul, and they spoke of me so cruelly and vilely. At some points, I literally wanted to die.”

Kyle Richards, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, spoke about how her family felt when Paris’s sex tape was leaked online.

She said, “We were devastated. It was terrible.”

Richards is the half-sister of Paris’ mum Kathy Hilton.


In 2002, Kim Kardashian appeared in a sex tape with her former partner, Ray J, long before she became a reality TV star.

In October of that year, the couple traveled to the luxury resort of Esperanza in Cabo, Mexico to celebrate Kim’s 23rd birthday.

They took a portable video camera with them and filmed them fooling around and also having sex.

In March 2007, the recordings that Kim and Ray J made were released to the public by Vivid Entertainment under the title Kim Kardashian Superstar, a 41-minute film.

Kevin Dixon, former editor of Touch Weekly, said that when trying to contact Kim when the rumor first broke, he found himself talking to Paris Hilton while Kim was “crying in the background.”

He added, “Kim denied and denied everything, and she denied and cried at the same time.”

Kim stopped trying to prevent the publication of the tape and agreed with Vivid.

In June, the businesswoman and KUTWK star revealed that the feeling of being frisky was the reason behind filming.

Kim told her older sister Kourtney that she gave her go-ahead for a sex tape with her ex because she’s “horny and loves it.”

The SKIMS founder was going through a divorce from ex-husband Damon Thomas in 2003 when she met Ray J. The couple dated from 2003 to 2006.

Wack 100 claimed to have an unpublished sex tape belonging to Kim and her ex – accusations that Kim’s lawyer Marty Singer has vehemently denied.

The singer told TMZ: “The claim that there is an unpublished sex tape is unequivocally false. It’s unfortunate that people make such claims in an attempt to get their 15 minutes of fame.”


Pamela Anderson was arguably the standout star of Baywatch along with David Hasselhoff.

She met Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee at a New Year’s Eve party.

The couple broke up hard and fast, marrying just 96 hours after their first date in a private beach ceremony on February 19, 1995.

A few months later, the couple’s infamous sex tape leaked online, and by 1996, after the birth of their first son, Brandon, Pamela had filed for divorce.

The separation did not last long: in December 1997, the couple had a second son, Dylan.

Pamela was forced to tell her sons about the existence of the reveal tape before they found out about it from their friends.

She said, “That stupid cassette. I can’t believe the interest in him hasn’t faded.

“It made for a very unpleasant conversation with my sons – you have no idea. But looking back, at least my hair looked good.”

Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson told her sons about her explicit sex tape before they found out about it from buddies at school


Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson told her sons about her explicit sex tape before they found out about it from buddies at school1 credit
Kim Kardashian starred in a candid video with her ex-boyfriend Ray Jay


Kim Kardashian starred in a candid video with her ex-boyfriend Ray Jay1 credit

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