The Inspirational Influence of Kimmy Gibbler from Full House on Andrea Barber

In the above interview with E! News, Barber described herself as the actor “who looks the least like” their character. “I’m not a curiosity, I don’t wear crazy clothes. I am very reserved and shy,” she said. But she said that playing such a different character taught her a valuable lesson about being yourself and accepting your weirdness. “I have fans who DM me every day and say, ‘Kimmy taught me that it’s okay to be different and’ it’s okay to be weird’ and I’ve always felt like an outsider.” So obviously there are a lot of Gibbler fans who really saw themselves in this quirky character.

Barber keeps in touch with his social media fans, who often identify with Gibbler. Every Halloween on her Instagram account she spends Kimmy Gibbler Costume Contestwhere fans can submit their best photos in Gibler-style outfit (preferably one based on a real outfit from the show). And some fans actually entered the competition by creating their own replicas of the Fuller House bacon and egg Gibbler scarf.

Despite the fact that Barber does not want to return to the industry, she has a role in the Nickelodeon children’s show.This girl lay lay“as pseudo-fashionable director Willingham. According to her appearance on the late Bob Saget’s podcast“Bob Saget is here for you,” Barber explained that she made the show because it was created by Fuller House writer David Arnold.

So, for now, Barber is back in acting and you can still enjoy her talents.

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