The Inspiring Way Sheryl Lee Ralph Used This New Emmy Procedure

Emmy performances just got easier. A new feature debuted at the awards ceremony, which now displays words of appreciation from the winners at the bottom of the screen as text. Nominees formulate their thoughts in advance and submit them to the Emmy Award so that, if they win, the names of everyone they need to thank will be named on the screen. Some actors have used the platform for various purposes, such as Hacks star Hannah Einbinder, who provided a link to access abortion pills. Sheryl Lee Ralph was one actress who wasn’t sure if she would remember everyone who was important to the cast and crew of Abbott Elementary if she ended up winning the award.

“I just wanted to make sure I thanked everyone at ABC, everyone at Warner Bros. and thanked everyone. [a]Disney, Ralph said. Hollywood Reporter in voting among the nominees. “It’s so easy to forget the people who literally support this show that no one else has seen.”

Across the board, nominees welcomed the idea of ​​being able to thank people in advance, rather than struggling to remember every name at a given moment. And it was not only organized, but also allowed Ralph to start his speech with impressive bars to the song “Endangered Species” by Diane Reeves, which begins with lyrics “I’m an endangered species / But I don’t sing songs of the victims / I’m a woman, I’m an artist / And I know who my voice belongs to.”

By singing these inspiring lines, Ralph made her speech one of the highlights of the evening.

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