The jerk trick that made Johnny Knoxville fight dizzy

As the testosterone-fueled popularity of Freaks soared from the start, the daring actors had to constantly repeat previous stunts to prove they wouldn’t lose relevance anytime soon. Of course, this meant that as time went on, their own bodies were at greater risk. Johnny Knoxville’s stunt with then-boxing favorite Butterbean (Eric Ash) in the first Jackass movie left him dizzy.

Sports broadcasting reports that the most powerful boxer won 77 victories in his career, most of which were won by a crushing knockout. Popularity brought him a role along with Johnny Knoxville in the first movie “Jacks”. GQ heard from Knoxville himself that the plan of the stunt was for him to simply fight face to face in the ring with Butterbean. However, the bruise was told that he was not going to hold back his punches. Knoxville somehow remembers saying to Butterbean, “I need you to drive at full speed.” Butterbean replied, “You don’t have to beg me.”

And full speed was exactly what Butterbean was doing, landing devastating blows to Knoxville’s head. A few seconds later, the leader of the Freaks lay unconscious, twitching on the ground. Few people knew that Butterbean had dealt permanent damage.

“After that, I got dizzy and also had a concussion,” Knoxville said. And while this stunt was taken down over 20 years ago, the condition has made everyday things like driving more challenging. Knoxville explained, “So when I go through corners, I just start spinning.” Although in true “weirdo” guise, it seems that nothing will stop these guys from living their lives. When asked if he had stopped driving, Knoxville replied, “No, I just drive slower.”

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