The Jersey Shore trailer shows Angelina Pivarnik breaking down in tears after being accused of cheating on her husband Chris.

The New Jersey Shore trailer just came out and there’s a lot of drama in there, including The Situation accusing Angelina Pivarnick of cheating.

In 2019, she married Chris Laranjeiro.


Angelina Pivarnik accused of cheating on husband in New Jersey Shore trailer1 credit
Chris Laranjeira and Angelina Pivarnik at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall.


Chris Laranjeira and Angelina Pivarnik at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall.1 credit

“If you thought Ezhdays had calmed down, think again,” the voiceover said.

The actors hold their children and take cute pictures, and then chaos erupts.

They are then seen yelling at each other, throwing drinks, twerking, drinking and more.

In the midst of all this, Angelina’s family problems come into play.

Jersey Shore fans shocked after Angelina looks completely unrecognizable
Jersey Shore fans criticize Angelina Pivarnik for

“The family is back together, but when the relationship ends, the situation becomes provoked,” the voice-over said.

“I felt lonely in this marriage for a long time. Chris left again. He moved out,” Angelina can be heard speaking.

A fight then breaks out between her and The Situation.

“You are who you are,” shouted Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

“Am I a fraud?” Angelina asked.

“Yes, it is,” Mike told her.

Mike is later heard saying, “Your husband had multiple sides and they all wanted to expose you.”

The sixth season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premieres on Thursday, June 23rd.


Sources have exclusively confirmed to Kristen Bell Tattoos that Angelina did indeed cheat on her husband.

According to insiders, Angelina dated Mexican reality TV star Luis “Potro” Caballero when they were both filming an international show in Spain before her husband filed for divorce in January.

Louis from the Acapulco Shore show.

Angelina flew to Spain before Christmas to shoot the New Jersey Shore spin-off, Paramount Plus’ All-Star Shore, and immediately met Luis during a frenetic recording session, sources say.

After the star returned home to New Jersey, Chris allegedly found out that Angelina had cheated on him with co-star Louis and moved out immediately.

As first reported by Kristen Bell Tattoos, Angelina previously had a torrid affair with 33-year-old New Jersey native Joe Tarallo, whom Chris allegedly already knew about.

But new allegations of fraud pushed Chris to the limit, the source insisted, and he moved out.

Another source told Kristen Bell Tattoos that the first “other man” – Joe – ended his relationship with Angelina after he found out about her affair with Louis.

When Joe found out about Luis, he called Angelina’s husband and told him that he and the Kim Kardashian lookalike were together until January 2022.

Insiders previously told Kristen Bell Tattoos that Joe and Angelina started dating in the summer of 2020 and immediately spent a lot of time together.


Angelina was not the only one who cheated on them in marriage.

Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively reported that Chris cheated on his ex-wife with a transgender model before they broke up.

In an interview with Kristen Bell Tattoos, model and activist Jazyln Rose revealed that she and Angelina’s ex-husband started dating in July 2021 and recently spent a hot night together in Miami.

Jaziln claimed that Chris first contacted her via Instagram and said she was “beautiful”.

She said she immediately responded, “Oh thanks, I’m transgender.”

“I like it,” he allegedly replied.

The beautiful model said she didn’t know who he was at first, but once she realized he was on MTV’s Jersey Shore program, Chris told her that his marriage to Angelina was over and he was interested in getting to know her. closer.

She told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “I didn’t know he was still married. I always asked him: “Why are you still with her? For example, why do you post photos with her if you are not married to her?

“He denied it to me and he lied to me like he lied to her. It was just crazy.”


Chris filed for divorce from Angelina in January of this year, which was first reported exclusively by Kristen Bell Tattoos.

The document showed that Chris had moved out of a house that Angelina bought herself in Freehold, New Jersey, last year.

According to the complaint, Chris now lives in Staten Island.

He stated that he and Angelina “suffered irreconcilable differences that led to the breakup of the marriage for at least six months.”

According to the New Jersey Family Court Clerk, Angelina has yet to file her response to Chris’ divorce complaint.


Despite the scam drama, perhaps one of the most high-profile things that have happened to the show is that MTV is relaunching the show without the original cast.

In 2009, fake tan, rampage, and wild ensembles were all the rage on MTV when the original Jersey Shore debuted on MTV.

The series ran until 2012 and spawned various cast spin-offs, including the most recent Family Vacation.

Now MTV recently announced that another version is on the way, but this time it will be a reboot with new stars.

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All of the original cast released a joint statement saying they feel exploited and do not support the reboot.

The reboot will be called Jersey Shore 2.0.

Jersey Shore fans think Angelina Pivarnik looks 'just like Kim Kardashian' in new photo


Jersey Shore fans think Angelina Pivarnik looks ‘just like Kim Kardashian’ in new photoCredit: Angelina Pivarnik/Instagram
Fight ensues between Angelina Pivarnik and Mike Situation on the New Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Trailer


Fight ensues between Angelina Pivarnik and Mike Situation on the New Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Trailer1 credit
Angelina Pivarnik and Chris Larangeira before their scandalous divorce


Angelina Pivarnik and Chris Larangeira before their scandalous divorce1 credit

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