The kittens were ambushed by a man when he stopped by the side of the road to rescue one of them.

As children, we all wanted to get ahead in life, that is, to receive special treatment or money for sweets from our caregivers. And we did some tricky things to make it happen. As a younger cousin, I was always asked to approach my parents and ask for toys or permission to play. The younger child tactic always works like a charm.

Looks like these kittens had the same strategy. One was wandering down a deserted street when a passing man noticed him and stopped. He never realized that saving one kitten would lead to saving 12 more.

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On the way to the shooting range, the man noticed a tiny black and white kitten wandering along the road. And what did he do? He stopped to save him, of course!

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A man named Robert Brantley was heading to a shooting range in Louisiana after a long day at work when he noticed something on the road. He looked like a tiny black and white kitten and Robert couldn’t just drive past him.

He parked the car and went to explore, a small cat excitedly approached the man.

A man named Robert was examining a small kitten that was waltzing excitedly towards him, but he didn’t know what was going to happen next.

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Robert picked up the kitten, examining it carefully, when he noticed movement in the grass beside the road. Without warning, the man was attacked by a dozen kittens, charging at him like a pack of velociraptors. Let me know if you know the link.

“Oh no, there is a whole … Oh my God!” you can hear him talking excitedly Instagram video while the cats kept poking and meowing at his ankles. “I can’t take all of you. My God. Oh god, there’s more! We have a kitten problem.

“Oh no, there is a whole … Oh my God!” Without warning, the man was attacked by a dozen kittens, charging at him like a pack of velociraptors.

Image credits: Robertbrantly_

“Get 1, get 12 more free” was the deal of the day as the kittens meowed and nudged Robert to his ankles.

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Although he wasn’t sure he would accept them all, especially since he and his family have their own pets, he didn’t have the heart to leave them. Thus, Robert became the father of 13 homeless kittens. “Tactical Honda wasn’t ready for this,” he joked in another Instagram post.

He remembered the moment when NPR, saying “I wasn’t ready for kittens, I was just blown away.” The 37-year-old said he was overcome with emotion when he realized that someone had probably abandoned the kittens on the side of the road at an age where they couldn’t fend for themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t be so friendly. or wants to get to know a person.

According to no here, in most states it is illegal to abandon an animal. Whether it’s being dumped in a public place or left somewhere without providing for his needs, but to comply with this law is incredibly difficult, as there are often no witnesses to the crime.

Not a single kitten could be left that day, as the man put the tiny cats in his Honda through the open window, and they kept jumping out the door.

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second video he wrote that he showed how many kittens were already exploring the back of his car, while others were trying to make out all the knick-knacks in front. Robert explained the process of rescuing the kittens in the caption: “I couldn’t keep up with them as I threw one and 2 jumped out. So I had to close the door with the window down and direct them inside. In fact, it would be good shots.”

However, despite all the difficulties, he managed to collect the kittens, setting himself the task of finding each of them a good loving home, but first he was going to “fatten” them.

He realized that someone had probably left the kittens on the side of the road at an age when they couldn’t fend for themselves.

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Although he wasn’t ready to accept them all at first, the kittens were provided with food, shelter and veterinary check-ups.

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The video quickly caught the attention of kitten lovers, with the original video garnering 924k views before being shared on multiple social media accounts. From Twitter to TikTok, this video has been watched and loved by millions, and one of them has been shared Lauren Rene Allenalong with the caption “why things like this never happen to me” which has amassed over 32 million views.

Robert shared the original video on his Instagram page, it was soon picked up and shared on social media pages, gaining millions of views.

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Because of their newfound fame, Robert’s wife, Kourtney, has created a TikTok account to share kitten news while Robert continues to post on Instagram.

Image credits: Robertbrantly_

The kittens enjoy playing, taking pictures and swimming in an inflatable mini-pool provided by Robert himself.

Image credits: Robertbrantly_

Due to newfound fame, Robert’s wife, Courtney, began tik tak account to share kitten updates while Robert continues to post on Instagram. In one video, their rescue dog named Cody Pig is relaxing with the kittens, and Courtney says that they really liked the puppy, acting almost like their new mother.

The rest of the kittens enjoy the game, small photo shoots and swimming in a mini inflatable pool provided by Robert himself. “Kittens feel great and enjoy the warm breeze while they dry,” he wrote in the caption to the photo. video. “We have more things planned for these little ones, so stay tuned. I’m still learning a lot, so go easy on me!”

Image credits: Robertbrantly_

From the start, he was determined to find each of the 13 kittens a happy new home, and with thousands of applications coming in, that wouldn’t be a problem.

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Interest in the story and 72,000 followers on TikTok isn’t everything. People offered supplies and help, while thousands of others expressed interest in taking the kittens. “Honestly, it’s amazing that so many people are lending a helping hand and there are so many people in the world who want to do good,” he told NPR.

At this time, most kittens are waiting for their future owners, with the exception of a couple of kittens who need extra attention from the veterinarian. “We have found some good people locally who need them, and I know they are all good people and do nothing wrong with them,” he said.

Two of the litter have already been adopted and will call Alexandria, Louisiana their new home. Others are waiting for additional checks

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The first adopted were Michael Scott and Nala, and the couple found a special home forever in Alexandria, Louisiana. “I’m happy to see them find a good home, but at the same time sad to see them go,” Robert wrote in the caption. Instagram mail.

“We have some more checks and things like that for others. Champ is back and he has medication to take every day. The saga continues.”

“I want people to know that no matter how bad you see in the world, there are still a lot of people who do good things and not for recognition,” said Robert.

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Considering Robert’s work and hobbies, some people have expressed their concern. “I work in the arms industry and… some people have taken it negatively. And a lot of people, for which I’m very grateful, said things like, “Wow… I’m surprised you’re not such a cruel person” or “You still have compassion and all that.”

Compassion and love for all beings in the world are the messages that Robert is trying to spread by saying, “I want people to know that no matter where you are and how much bad you see in the world, there are still many people. – do not talk about me – do good deeds, and not do it for recognition.

The couple shared several ways to help them throughout the process and we wish them all the best!

Image credits: Robertbrantly_

The couple shared their PayPal information, as well as their inbox and Amazon wish list for all those who were happy to help the kittens. If you would like to donate and help support Robert and his kittens, you can find all the resources to do so. here.

We hope that all the kittens are well, that they are all happy and healthy. We also wish the best to the Brantley family and thank them for their compassion and generosity towards these little creatures.

The video that started their story can be viewed here.

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